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On Memorial Day

Tom Galli



Could this be the day in America whose meaning has been forgotten?

On this day, many in my neighborhood and small town knowing I'm a retired soldier will wish me "Happy Memorial Day!" While I appreciate the salutation; I'm befuddled by our collective loss of understanding and appreciation. Memorial Day is a day of remembrance and commemoration for those who died in the act of serving in our Armed Forces during war.

There is a parallel of a lack of understanding and appreciation that applies to members of our forum. When folks learn of my lung cancer diagnosis, they retort, offhandedly-- "Oh you smoked!" Again, I am befuddled by that response. So, I'll add to my thoughts and commemoration, those who died by lung cancer because officials of our nation believe that smoking cessation is the only effective method for treating lung cancer.

We commemorate those who have fallen, under arms or by lung cancer.

Stay the course.


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You're so right Tom...this is the time to honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice.  I have a couple of names I carry with me of my buddies who did just that.  On Veterans Day I'll continue to think of those we lost while thanking those, still with us, who served.


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