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    LaurenH reacted to Laurel in Carole Baker's Story   
    You are a beautiful, strong, focused woman. Thankfully, your husband and children support you. You have a lot of fight in you! Bless you. 
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    LaurenH reacted to Laurel in Bill & Heather's Story (Part 1)   
    I was told after my surgery February 16, 2018 that I had stage 3aT2N2 adenocarcinoma. The top right lobe was removed, along with 12 lymph lobes- 4 being cancerous. If a doctor told me anything about my possibility of living 5 years, I would have been so angry. You both have a great, positive outlook. I am glad your wife is doing well. You have been a great support.
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    LaurenH got a reaction from Susan Cornett in Cancerversary   
    This is wonderful, Susan!
    Digital Community Manager
    LUNGevity Foundation
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    LaurenH reacted to Steff in Cancerversary   
    Doing a happy dance for you today, Susan. 💃
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    LaurenH reacted to KatieB in Cancerversary   
    Love it!!  
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    LaurenH reacted to Tom Galli in Cancerversary   
    February 22,1019 -- 3 toes! Marked it on my calendar.
    Stay the course Susan.....
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    LaurenH got a reaction from Tom Galli in Fourteen Years, Three Right Feet!   
    Congratulations, Tom! Thank you for sharing this wonderful news and for being such a vital part of this community!
    With gratitude,
    Digital Community Manager
    LUNGevity Foundation
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    LaurenH reacted to Susan Cornett in I'm new and scared   
    Hi, Mike.  I started my journey with the pulmonologist.  I had a nagging cough and, as an asthma patient, already had a pulmonologist.  I had been to the ER, though, and had a CT that showed my mass.  He referred me to a wonderful surgeon who in turn referred me to an even better oncologist following my surgery.  Here's hoping that it is anything but lung cancer.
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