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  1. I had things in the reverse order. Lobectomy (upper right, 3 cm mass) and then chemo. Mine was caught early by accident when my gall bladder decided to call it a day. I hope your outcome is great. Seems like they caught it early. Be glad you have mandatory physicals, I guess. Best, Glenn
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    Hi, @Tom Galli. I've never heard of it, but I'll give it a try. Thanks. Best, Glenn
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    Hey, @TJM. I appreciate it. Best, Glenn
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    @LexieCat, I have an appt with my PCP in two weeks. I'll bring it up with her. Thanks. Best, Glenn
  5. G.A.M.


    At the end of chemo, my left hand began to hurt. Then my right hip, left elbow and right hand. It's progressed to the point that my left hand is useless. Is it a result of chemo, in anyone's experience? Best, Glenn
  6. I can't believe it's been three months already. I'm getting a full blood workup (through my port if I'm lucky), then a CT scan from nose to knees first thing in the morning. Then the wait. My appt isn't until Tuesday Feb 2nd and I only meet with the PA. I've met with her a few times during chemo. She never volunteers data, you have to kind of coax it out of her. Just so it's good news, I hope. My best to all of you.
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    @Tom Galli, I checked with my father in law, who worked in the mills for 45 years and he doesn't recall any of the Aliquippa feeds where he worked connecting to the Ohio River Railroad. That doesn't mean it wasn't one of the other mills along the river. They're all gone now. Sad to see it. Glenn
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    Met with my Oncologist on Tuesday. Blood looks stronger. Still anemic. Based on what I'd been told so far, I asked to have my port removed. He said no dice. There is still "suspicious tissue" in lymph nodes and in my neck and upper chest area. The new routine is a port flush every five weeks then a CT Scan, bloodwork, and a meeting with the ONC every ten weeks until further notice. I guess it's his train and I'm just riding it.
  9. G.A.M.

    No more chemo!

    After my oncologist got a good look at my scans this morning, he cancelled rounds #5 and #6. He's ordered another PET scan to be sure, but he thinks I'm cancer free at this point and I can go on the 3 month CT scan regimen. I'm stunned.
  10. Hi, @BridgetO. I don't meet with my Onc for two weeks. I get another blood test next Thursday. If I'm still down, I'll ask for one before starting round #5. Best, Glenn
  11. Hi, all. I have been anemic since having/treating cancer. Sudden fainting with no recollection of events seems to be a part of it. So far, I've broken four metatarsals and y'day took seven stitches to the back of the head in three hours at the ER. I've strained a knee and been worked up so many times for it with no help. The one thing I look at is my hemoglobin. It has been ages since it was normal and now, on chemo, had dipped to 7.4, requiring a transfusion of two pints of blood the week before last. HGB went back up to 9.4, but y'day when they checked it, it was back down to 8.5.
  12. Thanks, @Sabacat You’re pointing out the hopeful parts.
  13. Thank you, @GaryG. That gave me some strength. Best, Glenn
  14. I finished my fourth round y'day. I'm weakest I've ever been. They've ordered a CT scan in two weeks time. There was a bit of a pissing match between the oncologist and pulmonologist over a half-dead lymph node in my last one. The pulmo wanted to biopsy it and the oncologist thought he'd be seeing dead tissue. The two have crossed swords before in my case. I just stay out of it. In addition to the CT scan, round five is scheduled, which was unexpected. I'm hoping if the CT scan is perfectly clean, this will be the last one. I've done a lot of reading about my diagnosis and I ho
  15. Hello, @BridgetO. I'm on my last day of round #4 and they've scheduled round #5. I'm suffering the usual side effects. I'm to have a CT scan before I start the next round. They spotted a couple of lymph nodes they want to see dead first. The worst of it is the tiredness. I'm hoping for the best out of this scan next week. Thanks for asking. Best, Glenn
  16. Carboplatin/VP-16. Some shot to top it off on the fourth day. Memory impairment. Some shot to top it off on the fourth day. Kidding/Not kidding. Thursday and Friday are missing. I mostly slept through them. I could only stay awake for an hour at a time. A great deal of weakness in the upper legs, which I worked so hard in PT to strengthen. Still, not as bad as I thought. I'm up early to watch the Englishmen play football and feel much more alert. Best to all, Glenn
  17. Best to you all. Glenn
  18. Hi, @Donna G, Thanks for your reply. It lets me know it's not something new and you've survived, so may I! The other med is to encourage the bone marrow to make more cells, I think. Best, Glenn
  19. Cisplatin and Etoposide on Monday Etoposide on Tuesday and Wednesday Pegfilgrastim on Thursday Three week break, then start over Has anyone else had the same schedule of drugs? Best, Glenn
  20. Thanks, @Tom Galli. I may have mentioned in a post that my brother, three years older, never woke up from his lobectomy just about three years ago. He was a decorated veteran (2 bronze and 1 silver medal) from the extensive amount of time he spent in Vietnam and during Desert Shield. He retired a CW2 after 23 years as a tank man, 16 of those years spent in Germany. I miss the guy every day. The valor shown by that soldier should have been a chit to exchange for a long and happy life. It's sad it doesn't work that way.
  21. They should have no trouble getting large datasets to continually train the AI. There are 1.25 million cases a year. Thanks for the post. Best, Glenn
  22. G.A.M.


    Hi, @TBaker. The waiting is the worst. I was identified as having a cancerous tumor the third week of Sept 2019. I finally got the offending lobe, the right upper, removed on January 30, 2020. I, too, had the pulmonary tests to be sure I'd have enough good lungs left to breathe with. I had the PET scan as well which caused them to do a biopsy on my sternum (negative). I wanted everyone to be in as big a hurry as I was because I had CANCER. That was bad and I wanted it out of my body. I still need chemo, but that is a couple months off the way COVID-19 has gotten in the way. By the wa
  23. I know mine is Stage IIIA. I'm waiting not so patiently to get the prescribed chemo, but COVID-19 keeps getting in the way.
  24. G.A.M.

    Question on port

    I'm scheduled to get one as soon as this PIC line comes out after the bizarre-o infection I contracted in the one chest drain they left in. I'm currently six weeks delayed on starting chemo. I just don't like giving cancer that long to run around causing mayhem.
  25. I came home a little less than a week ago and had my first checkup with the surgeon. I have a leak in one of the lung lobes I have left. (RUL was removed.) He wants to watch it for another week to see if it heals. What if it doesn't heal? Does anyone have any experience with that? Best, Glenn
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