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  1. I've been following your thread as our diagnosis is quite similar... I had an annual CT last December and they noted a suspicious 1.8 cm. X 1.2 cm. nodule in my RLL. More scans and a biopsy indicated it was an adenocarcinoma. So, on 2/25 I had a VATS procedure to have the RLL removed. While that was quite successful, they unfortunately found two affected lymph nodes and removed them as well. So, after all tests were done I went from 1a to 3a in a hurry. Currently, I'm in a course of adjuvant chemotherapy, four courses started 4/5 three weeks apart with Carbo/Alimta to perhaps kill any stray rogue cells looking to set up shop elsewhere. Just to let you know here that the chemotherapy hasn't been too bad for me but it does affect everyone differently; just tired (they call it fatigue) a lot and a few small stomach issues (stay away from spicy foods). I still try to get at least a 4 miles walk in daily, weather permitting. But you got to play it by ear...what works for me may not work for you. I know I was told by medical that even some movement helps with chemotherapy side effects... Well, even though its been a rush, so far so good I guess. I'm here to tell you that whatever post surgical pain you feel will get better, it's just going to take a good amount of time is all. And the lobectomy overall wasn't the worst...I had a lot more issues post surgery when I had my prostate removed. I usually always slept on my right side and that won't happen for some months yet for sure. As to your lung volume, that will come back over time so you won't hardly notice a difference unless you're really exerting yourself. I do lots of walking and breathing exercises to expand lung volume and capacity and that really does help. Stay in touch and keep us informed of your progress...this website is great in that we're all pulling for each other! Take care...
  2. After some little thought, what is written here is very good and should be pointed out more often. I suppose it's part of being just human to believe that we are in control when the fact is we are not. I will try to develop a new mindset in this regard...one more thing that is hard about this all...
  3. All I ever really got so far was from the Dr. In radiology quickly explaining the TNM and the corresponding numbers 1 to 3 that go with those letters. Direct from my Tumor Board I was told that I was a T1 N2 M0. From her perspective that was good in that it showed a very treatable disease. And so far so good through seemingly endless scans no other masses found anywhere. That dosen't mean that I'm not freaking out though... cancer has been depicted as such a killer for so long that how can I but think they're looking to stamp me with an expiration date...soon. To be honest my first thoughts were to acquire an estate plan and I even went so far as to buy a headstone and burial plots for both me and the significant other as well. Then again maybe those are things I should have done long ago... After all I am 64 already and just living gets Dicier the older a person gets...
  4. To be honest I've never actually seen even one scan of me yet...and I think after deliberation I prefer it that way. What do I know what those scans say? I'll just leave it up to the professionals to inerpret... That's their job along with knowledgeably informing a patient and laying out the best plan of attack. My only problem with this is when the team waits seemingly like forever to tell a person what the scans indicate. Scansxiety is a real thing!! I told my Oncologist that yesterday and she was taken aback as to the relevance of the term. All I can think is what do these Dr.'s think that we are thinking? Of courose we want to know as soon as possible...sheesh!!
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