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    Lung cancer patient/survivor
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    Hiking, Pilates, Travel, Red rocks, Oceans. I was diagnosed with Stage IV NSCLC Sept 1, 2021, and an EFGR exon 19 mutation Sept 20, started Tagrisso that day. Am noticing dry skin so far and 1 other event once! Hoping to celebrate many more years of cancerversaries!

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  1. Fascinating read, I went to the original Nature article in the link. Gave me hope as I have a "classical" mutation of exon 19 deletion. And hope that they can do more research for atypical mutations. Cordelia
  2. Thanks so much Lisa, for the warm welcome! It’s nice to hear of many years survival! I’m happy for you. Evicore did approve my Tagrisso! I was shocked to say the least. Take care, Cordelia
  3. Thanks Michelle, Hee hee I can imagine the name of Evicore- they have been reviewing everything my doctor orders and sending me rejection letters before I've even had the test it seems. Human resources is a great idea. It would be nice to be able to contact Evicore directly, as I can't seem to get a person at Cigna (my insurance company). Cordelia
  4. Thanks Tom, my dad was stationed at Fort Douglas by the Navy, which seems odd! That's how I went to SLC. I love the mountains so moved back here 15 years ago. I'm glad that you're still running up the treatment hill. And getting to experience downhill as well. Take care! Cordelia
  5. Cordelia

    Tagrisso Rash

    Thanks so much Judy and Susan for the information. I'm going to see about getting a dermatologist on speed dial! I've only been on Tagrisso for 3 days, but I'm moisturizing like crazy. and I started using moisturizing eye drops, since I already live in a very dry climate.
  6. Greetings! I'm Cordelia, I'm 57 and I was diagnosed with stage IV Adenocarcinoma Sept 15th of this year. I just started Tagrisso 3 days ago as I have an EGFR exon 19 mutation. This was a huge shock to me, as I never smoked and am very active. I'd been short of breath for about 6 months though and attributed it to Covid weight gain and reflux. In July 2021 I insisted on a chest xray, which led to a CT scan, then a biopsy. My cancer diagnosis was actually on the 1st of September, in a phone call from the interventional radiologist. The staging was complete on the 15th, and I have a wonderful oncologist and support group. I posted my story on caringbridge.org, it has been helpful to have friends and family read the updates there so I don't have to keep repeating myself. I'm open to any suggestions for living with this. I have real hope from listening to and reading survivor stories!
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