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  1. My son, Ryan, is getting ready to begin his first science experiment.  I would love for him to tackle a topic that has something to dealing with lung cancer.. advocacy, treatment, etc.  I thought I would ask the experts for help.. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated..  




  2. Hello to my longtime friends!!

    It seems the ugly monster has struck again but this time with my mom.

    She was diagnosed last week with poorly differentiated squamous cell lung cancer. They are thinking that is localized to 1 lung but are not quite sure..

    I need your help!!! Please update me on the things to ask at this upcoming staging and potential treatment appointment. Especially in regards to genetic testing. Is this a standard now?

    A huge thanks to any help you can give!!



  3. Janet,

    Just reading this and wanted to tell you are so loved here! I am so sorry to read of how you are feeling but if anybody can relate, we can.. Keep the faith that this feeling is only temporary ...although it seems like forever.. You have some big decisions to make but I know you will make the one that is right for you. That does not mean you are a quitter that just means that the path you are going down is a different one!! You are a survivor!!!! My hubby didn't understand either but then he doesn't understand alot of things that I think make perfect sense.. For example, having a clean house. I think that is normal... he probably feels very helpless in this situation and doesn't know how to react. I pray that you will start feeling better very soon! We love ya!!

  4. lol. Katie---you are hilarious!!

    I will definately be celebrating in Washington!! I can't wait to see everyone there..

    On survivorship!

    I can't believe it has been seven years. I hear that every seven years you are a totally new person with a totally new cellular makeup... WOOHOOO, I'm new!!

    Thanks to all for you encouragement and warm wishes!!

    love ya'll

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