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  1. Minocycline worked for me...After about 8 months, the side effects will go away almost completely. Make sure that whatever he is using on his face to shave is not irritating his skin. Find something with little to no chemicals or alchohol if possible. His skin is very sensitive.. Not only to the sun but to chemicals, alchohol and fragrances. If you want to know, I can tell you some of the things that have worked for me.. Just let me know... :) Hugs to you and dad!!

  2. Hey Friends,

    Just wanted to tell you all that I miss you guys and that I am hoping life will slow down enough to spend some quality time on here. I know that I would not be where I am now with out your continued support!! THis family is the best!!!!!! I am here if anyone should need me!!!!

    Love you all!!


  3. I am working on a project and I need funny quotes about or during the chemo treatment process... doesn't have to be about hair...

    here is an example..

    Hair Today Gone Tomorrow.

    Kickin cancer's butt one drip at a time


    Your help would be greatly appreciated..

    Lots of love,

    :) Jamie

  4. Hi Jamie,

    You are our Tarceva Majorette! Watching to see how far you can march. They are working on drugs to counteract the gene's resistance to Tarceva, should that day come, or I know that some with developed resistance have gone onto Alimta and found it valuable. I'm hoping you just keep on with Tarceva indefinitely.

    I'm still amazed that you went back to work - and wish you might discuss this a bit. Clearly, you loved the work and the kids - so that must have played into the decision. I think you said they were willing to accommodate any special needs - have you needed to take advantage of extra time off, rest periods, etc?

    You give us so much hope. Peace.

    Hey ts,

    I just completed my first year back as a full time band director. To be honest no accomodations were needed as I was able to deal with all obstacles thrown my way. (no extra time, rest periods, etc. ) Everything worked out great and the year went without a hench.. I am prayin this year will be even better. I am a little concerned about band camp the last 2 weeks of July. It's going to be a scorcher and I do not fare the heat very well.

    As far as Tarceva is concerned, I am hoping to march for a long while. It is, however, comforting to know there are other options out there!!!

    Thank you so much for you well wishes..



  5. Just reading this post Barbara.. Just wanted you to know that I think of you often. I know GOD has great plans for you.. Don't fret ...the pet will show that its benign... My mom has a granuloma in her bottom right lobe that they continue to "watch". Stressful on her because "like you said" it seems there is one thing after another. I am so thankful that you are staying on top of all of the medical issues that you have been dealing with.. You will overcome!! Take care my friend!! xoxo


  6. Thanks everyone!! You are my continued inspiration and I thank God that I had this place to call home.

    and by the way....I am still taking Tarceva... Started Tarceva at the end of the 1st treatment. Taking 100 mg now.

    Do you guys know of any 5 year or more survivors? Wondering what is next since I am in uncharted territory..

    Peace and love,


  7. I had my 5 year and 6 month scan and I am so happy to report that I am cancer free. WHew!!

    5 years and 2 months taking Tarceva.

    Keep the faith!!

    Hugs to all!!


    +++originally diagnosed Stage IIIB Locally advanced. no surgery!!

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