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  1. For me, it took a long time (see profile below). Ended up with a fungus infection in the esophagas, which, when treated, really began my healing. Have them check that out. Also the fynenal pain patch was causing me to vomit. Is he on them? Hugs, Liz
  2. I agree with Shelley. I don't think they are blaming us, they are trying to reassure their selfs. Or they're scared because they smoke. Educate......I tell smokers "Lung Cancer is not a myth. Only one person quit because of my diagnoises. Hugs, Liz
  3. I couldn't play Pro Baseball before. Fun, my steriods make my muscles weak. Maybe we're taking the wrong ones. hugs, Liz
  4. Hi. I had a real hard time with treatment also, but kept fighting. Lost a total of 50 lbs. But have gained it all back and feel great. I felt bad for 4 months, then started coming back. Feel so normal now. Let him know. No treatment is death, for sure. Treatment is a chance to beat it. But it's not easy. Good luck. Hugs, Liz
  5. Hey Puppy, I just finished my WBR on Tuesday. Now I just simmer for 6 weeks, then do another MRI to see if it worked. And I have no doubt that it did. I'm also following up with my oncologist on the 18th, because of 2 hot spots on my Pet Scan, but I think it's radiation damage and inflimation from last year. Not much more we can do, but wait right now. I didn't drive for 2 weeks, but never had another sysmtom. Now I drive. Almost off the steroids. 1/2 a day til sun, then 1/2 every otherday for a week. Can't wait for that. Hope you are feeling well. Lunch yesterday was great. Everyone sends there love. Hugs, Liz
  6. Lets see if we can get something going Thursday. I'll get back to you. Liz
  7. Hi Sally. Your profile is a bit behind. Whats going on right noew health wise. Are you in remission or still being treatment? I know las you at x mas, I had goo=ne through 37 days of radiation and 7 weeks of chemo. Spent every weekend at the er and 9 days in the hospital. Lost over 50 lbs in 10 weeks. I didn' stop vomiting til Jan. 8th and finally started to eat food again. Terrible times, but yet wonderful. Deccorations were never mentions. Just where could we take mom, daughter, etc to eat something she would enjoy. Seteled on crab brisk and it was good. This year I my daughter a nice Tv, to make up for last year but know tree or decorations. We are coning to cook deserts for the neigbors. No It will be about life, health and the prosotta of hapyness.Liz
  8. Do you have disability through work? Long term, short term. Do you have life insuance. Do no get fired, They will take it all away. Go out on FMLA, take work Disability, Keep your insurance. Pay through the nose. Do not let them take everything you paid into away from you. Stage 4 is automatic approval. I'd go back to Brain Met dx. That makes it stage 4. You tried to work but just can't do it. You need to get better. My work benifits were 67 % of gross wages. Thats 52,000 vs. 22,000. You do the math. FMLA. Gives you 12 weeks to figurer it all out and we will help you. Hugs Liz. See you Wendsday Eileen. Maybe Christian will join us. And Nova and Gilda. I'll make the plans. My house on Thursday. Love to you all. Puppy, Feeling any better yet? I sure do. Lets go play pool, I have the cue ball. Hugs, Liz
  9. How is your voice? I went slowly hoarse, which in turn made breathing difficult beause I couldn't talk good and struggled to be heard. My left cord was parrallazed from presser. I had a injection in it on Jan. 31, that was to last about 3 months. To this day I can still speack well, Praise The Lord. Prayers for all of us and thanks givings. Liz
  10. All I know is my date was last work day, not DX. Others maybe different. I was working full time and got fired.
  11. I'm so funny. Sorry gang. Drugs can do bad things. Spilled water all over my computer and bed last night, but I'm back. Surprised computer survived. Only because I bought the dumb person extended warrentty.
  12. puppy..Just lost everything. Trying again but I am on ambian. Work screwed me. Took all of my insurance, Long term, Short term, Life insurance, medical. I had 250,000 life, no more. I had 950 a week short term, no more. Now I get 1100 a month unemplyment. Pay 392 for COBRA for 18 months. But I beleive that you can get a 29 month extension to get to medicaid, lost 10 months of benifits waiting for them to figure out how to get rid of me. Good news is I now am the proud owner of a right to sue letter from the EEOC. Just need the attorny now. Going to check with Lance Armstrong. They said to call back when I got one. SSDI approved mine in 3 weeks dated back to the day I was fired. First check in feb. I have also gotton other pension plans from my old union and another company I worked managment for. One is a flat paymeynent and the other money is mothly. I'm also working on my 401k, got to be a way to spend it. I'm looking for an investment for the kids, just in case, for like life insurance. Personally, I feel good. TIRED, WIREDED. STERIODS ARE TEARING ME UP. Bruises, knees killing me, can;t sleep. I also didn't loose much hair with chemo or lung radiation. I did take Bioten then. I'll start again after WBR. It's a hair and nails mineral. I started WBR on a Tuesday, It took 13 days to start falling out but only 2 for me to shave it. And I don't care who sees it. No wig, hat, rag.... I beleive that my brain mets are from last year that got by and when they are done I'll be back in remission. I'm a bit piturbed that I had to wait for sysmtoms to find them. I feel the a MRI should be a good 6 month followup. But this time, I'm taking over. After brain mets, no new chemo untill they show me the cancer. This is a little better. Sorry about the mumble last night. But, boy. I slept well. Love, Liz
  13. Well, that sucks, Puppy. I've been looking out for you. I too, have been recently dx with 4 brain mets, largest 4cm. I am doing WBR 14, 15 out of 15 on Monday and Tuesday. Am slowly tapering of the Steriods. Also had a PET and will be following up with what "They" think are a few trouble spots. All in all, I feel pretty good. Ampy, muscle soars, bruises, knees are killing me, I was Nausea the first week, but that too has past. Lost all my hair. Axtually shaved it, couldn't stand the hand fulls. I do hope you feel better soon and can continue on your fight. I will be praying for you. How was the surgury recovery? Hugs, Liz
  14. I'm from St. Pete. Drop me a PM. Hugs, Liz
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