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  1. Rick


    If you are using a dialup connection, chat is going to be very difficult for you to participate in. The input is often much to fast for the dialup connection.
  2. Rick

    wall of memory

    The wall of memory is back. See the links on the left
  3. Rick

    Dave G

    I am sorry to hear of his passing. Prayers going out to his family.
  4. When registering on the site, you must provide a valid email address. The system will send you an email to confirm registration. If you have a spam blocker like provided by AOL or Earthlink then it is possible that you will not receive this email and your registration will not complete. I have received a couple of these over the past week and I am not even capable of sending an email to respond to the questions as lchelp.org is not on your accepted recipients list. Thanks Rick
  5. This is a small update of what the situation currently is. Everyone is praying for that miracle however the current situation does not read well per the neurologist and neurosurgeon. The bleeding in the brain has not subsided and appears to have caused severe damage. Katieb has her entire family (4 brothers and 2 sisters) with her as well as many friends. We appreciate the prayers and maybe one of your prayers will end up on the miracle list.
  6. It wasnt someone from Russia.. Old lady Olga has a comcast email address. I should be able to determine if its someone we know or not from the email address.
  7. PrettyOlga has been removed. Sorry for this!!
  8. Rick

    Lucie Wood

    Don, I am so sorry to hear this news. My prayers are with you.
  9. Rick

    Big 50

    Happy Birthday!!
  10. LCSC Website will experience 10 minutes downtime each night between 9:45pm - 10:00pm CST for nightly backup process.
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