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  1. Peg Im so sorry for you loss. You were the first person i talked to when i joined this site and you and your husband were always on my mind and in my prayers. My heart is breaking. If there is anything i can do let me know i am always here to talk. God Bless you and your family. Christy
  2. Does anyone have any advice on how to ail the iressa reactions? The itch, bumps,rash,puss, dryness. Anything really my dad needs some soothing comfort, Thanks Christy
  3. christymike


    Glad to hear some news in a positive direction. Prayers will still be said your way. Stay positive! God Bless Christy
  4. I was just wondering if anyone new of any remedies to relieve the itch or dryness/burn caused by the iressa? My dad was prescribed a pill called Dioxycylin?? somethin like that.. Anyways has anyone heard of it...Im a little concerned that a medication will counter act badly with the iressa? Christy
  5. LOL. Maybe I should write on the signature that Gallagher isnt my dad and my dad is on the end. =) It was his birthday. I has lot of meaning to be there that day and meet him.. Im so glad for all of your replies.. Its great have support! Christy
  6. I know I havent posted in a while but just wanted to give everyone and update on my dad. He had his CT scan on monday and met with his doctor today and he stated that the tumor had some shrinkage! Halliluah... This is the best and most positive news we have had through this whole process.. I was dreading what i would feel today but it turned out to be so positive! I think the doctor might be slightly amazed since I pushed for my dad to be on it and he didnt know if it would work. Thank GOD.! I have hope now having hope is a great feeling. We are closer to a cure for all of us everyday i think just a matter of time. Bless you all Christy
  7. Read my post about Iressa in the GOOD NEWS forum. Christy
  8. Peg thanks for the update I have been wondering how Bill was doing. I am pleased to hear that there is some shrinkage on the tumor. That is good news. Keep fighting and beleiving! Stay strong and Happy Holidays. Christy
  9. What about her trying Zometa? That is used for the bones if i am correct? Has any options been discussed? Stay strong and remember positive thoughts bring positive surroundings. I will pray for you guys. God Bless. Christy
  10. Good! HOpe you guys have a Happy Thanksgiviing! Christy
  11. THanks for the replies guys. And thank you greg for the article on COPD that is exactly what the doctor said he has. If its not one thing its another. When do things get better i wonder? Im thankful that he will not be on chemo over thanksgiving and christmas this year. Last year he missed turkey day and practially lived in his bed until the end of december last year. So i guess we will see what the new year brings us this year. Hopefully positive changes and happy times. Bless you all Christy
  12. Hello all.. First i want to thank Rick for posting my picture. This is a picture of me and my dad on his birthday Nov 4th. My dad is on the end and comedian Gallager is in the middle of us. I took him to see Gallagher for his birthday because i remember when i was little watching it with him. And we were lucky enough to meet him and take a picture. I think that birthday should be memorable for him. His doctor said he thinks the Iressa is working he has been breaking out and some other effects and now has a cold we are praying its not pnenomia. The doctor also said he had Cronic lung disese? Any one heard of it? Well Bless you all and finally you guys can see who me and my dad are. Christy
  13. Can anyone help me? I dont understand how i can add a picture of me and my dad. I dont know what it means by pixels? Any help would be great. Also on a side note we find out tommorrow from my dads doctor if the iressa is working or not. I will post tommorrow pray for us. Bless you all christy
  14. christymike

    Dick Update

    Any updates on his condition? I am praying for him also! I know how hard it must be for you .. when my dad was on the ventalatior I couldnt handle it.. they doctors also didnt know if he would come off of it okay and he did. Stay positive and miracles do happen. God Bless Christy
  15. That is great I am so happy! Can I ask what Gemzar is anyone? I love good news christy
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