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  1. I have come to actually hate pink lately. Breast cancer is bad and I feel sorry for those that have had to deal with it. Breast cancer is not the only cancer there is.

    Has anyone saw the new "pink" laptops that are out? I don't think I will be buying one of those either?

  2. I am 6 1/2 years out from my cancer now. My oncologist told me last year as far as he was concerned I was cured. I am having other issues right now but my remaing lung is still clear. I don't post much now because I feel with all the necombers her, that my treatment info is probably outdated.

    I have done some things I never did before my dx. My number one goal was to see the ocean. I had never saw it till this summer. I am making plans to see it again. Everyone here is in my thoughts and prayers.

  3. I have not had an inhaler sience my lung was removed. I saw my pulmonary doctor the other day for a follow up on my recent pneumonia. While I was there, he did a PFT test. I knew I had been short of breath for some time. The results surprised me and him both. He told me the results were pitiful. I have only 43% function. He gave me 2 inhalers and wants to see me back in 3 weeks while they are in my system. Has anyone used Advair or Spiriva? They seem to be helping. I was actualy able to sing in church Sunday. I've not done that in about 1 1/2 years now. If the PFT is not better we will try something else. I do better w/out oxygen. My hemotologist don't want me taking steroids because of WBC. Advair does have steroids. Can anyone that has used either of these comment?

  4. My doctor told me I had lung cancer. I left his office and went to my car. I got in and set down and lit me a cigarette. I ask myself "what am I going to do?" I immediately realized there was nothing I could do. That was my last cigarette. That was 6 1/2 years ago and I still have the last 2 pach that I bought in my glovebox (unopened of course).

  5. Hi Tami,

    I can relate to the shortness of breath but not the pain. Could it be two seperate things causing the problems. I did well for 6 years. In fact my onc actually told me as far as he was concerned, I was cured. I have been SOB for a year now and it gets worse each day. My onc said it was the fact I had only 1 lung and that was my new normal.

    Have you had your blood checked? Are you anemic? That causes tirdness and SOB.

    Here is something you might want to look into but may not want to hear. I have been dx with Chronic Leukemia. That definately causes SOB. My onc tells me it is common to get CLL and that it is one of the prices of survivorship.

    Do keep us informed because I'd like to see what the result is sience we share the same symptoms. Also, you can draw SS with the lung removal. You can even work some also and not affect check.

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