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  1. Happy Birthday! You're reminding me that I will be celebrating my first birthday without my mom in a couple of weeks. Just to bring a different perspective, one of the hardest parts of my grieving has been seeing my Dad adjust to being without his soulmate. It's heartbreaking. And I hope I can celebrate with him should the day come that he finds someone to share his life with. Maybe Connie would feel the same.
  2. Hello and welcome! As has been said already, it's definitely an individual decision and could mean different things for different people. As I'm sure you already know, SCLC can be an aggressive, sneaky bugger and my mom decided to have it done. We wanted to take full advantage of everything in our 'arsenal' so to speak. She did end up having one pesky met that was successfully treated with gamma knife, but we'll never know how many more there may have been without the PCI. We never saw any side affects attributed to the PCI. From my personal experience, I would recommend it. Mom called it a 'rubber for her brain'!
  3. Thank you, dear friends! Nick, she was amazing - just like your Mom. I was able to put together a picture tribute put to video, spanning her life. I thought I'd post for anyone interested. Turn on your speakers - some of her favorite music is in the background!
  4. My mom passed away last Monday, 1/10/11, 3.5 years after her SCLC diagnosis. As I continue to grieve, I am so comforted by a number of experiences I had with Mom in her last days. Eight days before she passed, she told me 'I am done fighting. I cannot fight anymore!' and then later 'You need to go on ahead without me and leave me behind. It's okay; you need to leave me behind.' This in the same night when the dr asked where she was she said 'at a summer camp with my daughter'. So at the time, I reasoned Mom was confused and feeling the effects of her pain meds. But then her condition continued to go down hill and two days later she was under hospice care. Suddenly her works took on a whole new meaning. And the brought me comfort! In addition, days before she went to the hospital, during the night, she woke my Dad in the middle of the night, asking him where Beulah Land was. He didn't know what she was talking about and told her to go back to sleep. Neither had ever heard of it before and so they decided to Google it the next day. It means 'Heaven'. That evening Dad followed an ambulance as they took Mom to the ER for her last trip to the hospital. I guess you can logically explain these events away, but I find such comfort in knowing Mom, at some level, knew what was happening and even in death, mothered me and let me know she was ready and I needed to just deal! What I am amazed by is I'd never heard 'positive' stories of death and dying. I know it isn't always, but I found it can be peaceful, beautiful and awesome! Why don't people talk about that part of it? I believe we were given special gifts in these events (and there are others I won't bore you with) but I can't believe we're the only ones. What stories do you have that brought you peace, comfort any maybe even joy in your loved one's last days? Nicole
  5. Mom assured me a week before she passed that she was ready and that I needed to carry on. Even in her last days, she continued to mother and guide me. I will miss her so! But I find such comfort know she is now face to face with Jesus, and standing straight and strong! http://www.waitefuneralhome.com/index.cfm
  6. Thank you all for your continued thoughts, prayers and support. Mom passed on to her eternal reward early Monday morning. I had the honor of being by her side and it was very peaceful. Mom is now face to face with her Savior, Christ Jesus! I will miss her terribly but am so thankful for the mother she was and the legacy she has left for us to carry on. I will post more details in the obituaries, but wanted you all to know how much I appreciate you. Love, Nicole
  7. Hello All - Mom was admitted to the hospital Saturday evening with pneumonia and a UTI. Just prior we'd received word that her original tumor was growing again. Unfortunately, due to the tumor 'blocking in' the pneumonia and the cancer continuing to spread (it is now in her liver) we received word there is nothing more they can do for her medically. Hospice has been brought in and she seems to be going quickly now. I will provide the final update but wanted to take this opportunity to thank Katie and all here for the support, advice and wise counsel through the 3+ years we had with Mom since her diagnosis. We are so thankful for that time! Nicole
  8. Hello Everyone! It has been some time since I last visited but wanted to share with the SCLC group especially that my mom is now THREE YEARS past her dx with SCLC as of this month! Her next scan is scheduled for next month. For those of you who may be recently dx'd or are currently battling through chemo and radiation - know there is hope! Mom is currently in a rehab center due to a broken hip from taking a fall at home two months ago. Her physical therapy is going well and we're hoping she will be home soon. God bless you all! Nicole
  9. Celebrating with you tonight with a Captain & Diet! I am not on much any more, but wanted to post my mom's most recent scan results on the SCLC board - CLEAR! Loved reading your good news - we both entered this journey about the same time. Two years goes by FAST, doesn't it! So happy for you, my friend, Nicole
  10. Dear Friends, I see there has been some good news of late on the SCLC board. That is wonderful! And I'll keep it going with the latest update on my Mom. She is two years from original dx and her scans yesterday were CLEAR! We are praising God for his goodness. They said six more months for her next scans, so she and Dad will be spending this winter in FL again. Yahoo! Dad was dx with colon cancer last month which was successfully removed (no need for chemo!) a few weeks ago. His next CT and colonoscopy are in six months as well. So, they're on the same schedule! Wishing the all of you (or your loved ones) much success in your treatments and much love and peace in your life! Love, Nicole
  11. Hello Everyone, The last time I was on, I had updated that Mom had clean scans and the Cleveland Clinic docs didn't want to see her for 4 months - her longest 'break' ever! I am so grateful for that, please don't get me wrong. My folks are in Florida and have been since early January. I was so pleased they could 'go south' this year, as last winter was spent in chemo and radiation. However, I just got a message from my Dad that my mom's energy is at best sustaining and on days, lessening. She has been trying to walk each day to build her strength but today she tried to push herself a bit (walking at a faster pace). She came in bent over and walking crooked and said she would never try that again. She continues to nap everyday and was unable to buy a gift for my son's birthday (this is a BIG deal - buying the perfect gift for the grandkids is especially important to my mom). To you on this board only, I must admit I am discouraged! I had hoped this time in FL would be rejouvenating and she would make great strides in strength and stamina. She fought the beast and won, but the beast is still taking the mom I know and love. And so my question is - do you have experience with loved ones (or yourself) that life just simply isn't the same, even after successful treatment? Or (and I would only even breath this to you all) is this a possible indication that the beast is back? I don't know if I've said it before, but I hate cancer. Love, Nicole
  12. LolasDaughter

    Great News!

    Hello Everyone! Mom had her CT scan last week which showed the original tumor site in her lung appears to be all scar tissue! This is the best news we could have received and we are all praising God. This along with the great response of her brain tumor to the gamma knife means they now don't want to see her until mid-April! She and Dad plan to leave for Florida after the new year - these are the longest range plans they've been able to make for over a year and we are all THRILLED! I had to come share the good news with all of my friends here. Merry Christmas! Nicole
  13. LolasDaughter

    Scan Result

    Bruce - Great news! Congratulations!! THANK YOU for sharing with us so we can celebrate with you. Nicole
  14. Hello Jackie - Welcome! Likewise, so sorry you have a need for LCSC, but so glad you found us. My mom, too, has LC and we just passed one year since her diagnosis (a timeline of our journey is below). I'm sure others here will add more, but here are my initial thoughts (in a succinct, bullet point list, no less!): - This uncertain, trying to get your feet on the ground and figure out what's going on and what is going to happen was the worst time in this journey for me, to date. Once you get started on the treatment plan, it becomes more of a 'one foot in front of the other' focus ("one day at a time" is popular with us) which can feel much more manageable. - As far as chemo - you can find lots of information on this site by doing a search. I will tell you, it seems chemo is typically not as difficult these days as it used to be. My mom took a 'barf bucket' to every treatment and never needed it. She went through a rigorous treatment plan and her main side effect was fatigue. (She too went into treatments a bit 'worn down' and thin as she had what I believe was a paraneoplastic syndrome of face pain and had not been eating well and had been in horrible pain for many months prior to her dx.) - Radiation - they say to stay on top of the sore throat pain. So if she has it, let docs know as soon as it starts. My mom's docs said that if you wait until it's 'bad', it's too late for them to really help with the pain. It's better to let them know as soon as she feels something and they can work to stay ahead of it. My mom did not experience that, so again, it doesn't happen every time. - As a caregiver (especially an expectant mom!) take care of yourself! Your mom needs you to be healthy and strong. - Any time you need support, come HERE! This is a great group of folks that have been there. And we REALLY care. Keep us posted on how things are going for you and your mom. Love, Nicole
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