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  1. Hang on to the book, I think I read various chapters over and over, marked it up, sticky noted it and used it a long time. I have bought at least 8 more copies and given them to people and I am in the process of buying another for someone that recently lost her husband.

    It's also written so that it can be read out of order. You can skip chapters you're not ready for and move on.

    I am glad you like it --

  2. I am also an only child - so I really get the stress you are under and what you are going through. First, there is an option for your mom's not eating and that is a feeding tube. Do you think you could get her to eat if you told her the doctor would have to put in a tube if she doesn't? I find that what works is just to put something small in front of the person. Don't ask her if she wants something just slice an apple or whatever and hand it to her. Sometimes people will just automatically eat something small without thinking.

    Your mom is depressed and could probably benefit from medication. I would discuss all this with her doctor and hopefully the appointment today goes well. Keep us posted.

    Cancer is extremely hard on the partner and caregiver so you are right to worry about your dad. Maybe you two should go out for a talk and formulate a plan after her appointment today. I hope you get some good news!

  3. As Suze orman says -- DE-NIED. Listen to the hall monitor or you'll be in the Principals's office. Not the first time things have gotten testy around here and it won't be the last. Believe me -- we've had rude here and you ain't it.

  4. My husband did not have the same chemo combination you're starting with but he did have avastin down the road. Drugs are different for everyone - what bothers some people is a breeze for others. In general though it's important to make sure you drink a lot of water before, during, and after chemo. It will help immensly with the muscle aches and that flu like feeling you get from some drugs. The chemo will take the good cells too, so expect to have a tired day or two following chemo (for my husband it happened the 3rd day following). You can do this.

  5. You need to tell him. You need to tell her this is not something you can keep from your husband. Tell her you want to be there to support her but you can't do it without informing your husband. If you don't tell him they may lose whatever time they have to repair the relationship.

  6. I am so sorry about your friend. I hope she is one of the people that Tarceva works for. It is a drug that can keep people living with lung cancer a long time. We have many many examples of people here that are living with lung cancer due to Tarceva stopping the progression of the disease. If not Tarceva, there are other drugs on track that may be her ticket to watching her kids graduate.

    She and her husband are very lucky to have your support - not many people get that even from family members. Every little thing you do means a great deal to them believe me. I can still remember every dish someone dropped over for dinner, and every kindness shown to us.

    Keep us posted on how she does-- and how you are doing too.

  7. My husband also contacted aspergillus and had to go on an anti-fungal medication. I am not sure what they have told you about the aspergillus but you should know it is hard to kill and can be a big threat to your husband's health. I did a lot of research on it and also joined an aspergillus group - a message board like this one on yahoo.

    I hope they get his treatment plan established and started soon. Keep us posted on how he does.

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