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    6 Month Scans

    Dana, I have been NED from the neck down since April of 08. Have a few leftover mets in the head that they are working on (they are responding well, shrinking 20-50% since new treatment started). thanks -rob
  2. Not a good MRI in Jan. Told 2 mets have either grown or have swelling on the brain. Put on dexamethasone and the chemo drug temodar. Most recent MRI shows shrinkage of 25% to 50% of the mets that have grown in the past. Still not sure if the growth was to to swelling or tumor growth, but we seem to have it covered. Steak dinner tonight!!!!!
  3. Just came back from a week from hell (due to the tests being scheduled within days of one another and the scanxiety that comes with them). CT scan came back clean. MRI results were mixed: no new mets, some mets disappeared, some decreased in size and two were slightly larger (Dr. thinks it is the radiation causing them to swell). So overall good news. No tests until the New Year! PS: I would have posted this in the Results or Good News pages, but I thought this forum needed a boost.
  4. Almost 2 years and still vertical
  5. I took Ensure, ice cream, protein drinks, etc... to keep the weight on during my treatments.
  6. Hi Dana, I am doing well. MRI this Friday to see how well the Gamma Knife I had in January is doing (the results in April were encouraging). Saw my oncologist last week and he saw no problems (I see onc every three months, cat scan every 6 months, next cat in October). Trying to live my life as normal as I can after the wakeup call I recieved nearly 2 years ago. thanks -rob
  7. After the setback suffered in January of this year (They found six small mets to the brain), I've went through my "eyes-to-thighs" ct scan and my brain MRI. Meet with Oncologist, the cat scan results "look great". Next scan in 6 months. (I graduated to 6 month scans vs. 3 month, I am very encouraged by this). MRI results are also very encouraging. Of the 6 mets found in January, 1 has disappeared completely and the other 5 are 50-75% smaller (from olive size to pea size as the Dr. put it). Dr. also extremely pleased with results. I can breath again and enjoy the summer. Thanks to all for your support. -rob
  8. Still taking both supplements daily. Latest scan of the chest was fine. They did find some brain mets recently which were treated with gamma knife.
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