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  1. marisa

    Marisa Update

    Hello everyone. I'm sure that alot of you won't remember me but I'm also sure that alot of you will. September 2009 I was diagnosed stage 4 with a 3.5 cm tumour metted to my brain. By November I was totally psychotic and had to be hospitalised for weeks and weeks as a result of that. Mid January I was released from hospital only to be rushed back a week later for emergency surgery to remove the brain tumour. The surgery was successful and there has been no reoccurance. The little beast has though decided to travel to my liver and breast but thank God it stayed away from the brain. I am c
  2. marisa


    Hi everyone! Just checking in as I haven't at all since I requested a Hall Pass months and months ago! I recovered very well since having the brain tumour removed in January! I'm experiencing the general symptons of lung cancer but my quality of life is very good! I have no regrets at all that I chose no treatment at all. I had a chest infection in March and had to be hospitalised overnight but recovered from that thank heavens! Hope everyone is doing well! (Bruce, sent read receipt on last email, didn't receive one, is your email still playing up?)
  3. marisa


    Lillian... hugs to you and I think it is a fantastic idea. Once you have it all completed I would love to read the final copy. You take care Lillian... I am still in hall pass, just coming out to post little posts like this... ok for you to keep emailing etc.... Love you. Marisa
  4. marisa

    Best News!

    FANTASTIC news Dawn!! I'm so happy for you!! GOD IS GOOD!! (going back into hallpass now, just coming out once in awhile, LOL)
  5. Coming out of my hall pass for a moment. Michelle, it is the process of grieving... it will get better as time go by.. there are stages of grief. I wish I could just physically hug you and offer you comfort but accept this huge cyber hug from me. I agree with the others about seeking out counselling to help you cope...Take care my friend Love Marisa
  6. Oh Lillian... what a handsome man! A real charmer! Eyes are the window to the soul.. beautiful beautiful eyes!!!! (And you will be looking into those eyes again!!!
  7. Dear Lillian, They are so adorable!! Just gorgeous!! But then no wonder, look at their great grandma... Beauty genes obviously run in your family... hugs
  8. Oh Michelle, I'm sooo happy for you that you are finding these signs. Our body is basically a cage for our soul... he's living on and proving it to you so well!!!
  9. Dear Karen, So sorry for your loss. Please accept my condolances! Marisa
  10. Dear lillian, Hope your ankle goes down quickly and that being down in the dumps is just dumped away!! You look after yourself. Hugs
  11. marisa

    Chat tonight

    Katie, do you know what time chat is Australia time? Right now it is 7:30 am Wed morning here and I know that it is 1:00 pm Tuesday in Vancouver B.C.
  12. marisa

    I need

    Hugs to you Lily..... I know it's hard but don't let judgemental small minded people ruin your happiness!
  13. My mother passed away 6 years ago and we had always said... "if there is a way... whoever goes first will come back and prove it"... The day my mother died, I was living in Australia.. I was lying in bed awake early in the morning and the end of my bed shook... as if someone was pressing down on it. I found out shortly that that was the exact time my mother (in Canada) had passed away. I have heard nothing from her since until July 30th. On the night of July 30th (which happens to be the 6 year anniverary of her death I was sleeping upstairs because my husband was snoring. I had awoken, it
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