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  1. Hi ALL, Glad to be in the survivors club. I went for my 4 th year catscan and it was normal and showed no signs of reoccurence again for the 4th year and I was told there is NO reason for me to come back again I was am Cured!!!!!
  2. Hi all. Well there is some hope in this story for NSCLC people. In March 2003 I was diagnosed with nsclc in the left lung. I smoked for 35 years before quitting 2 years before I was diagnosed. I was in Vietnam in 1965 and 1966. No one in my family tree has ever been diagnosed with Lung Cancer before me. The tumor was the size of a large orange. The treatment plan for me was chemo to shrink the tumor and surgery to remove it after it died and shrunk. I went on taxol and carboplatinum. At my third monthly treatment I had a severe allergic reaction to something in the chemo. I was then put on
  3. Hello All, It can be done. I am living proof. I was diagnosed with a tumor in my left lung NSCLC, about the size of a navel orange. Thought it was my time to pay the piper. Really could not figure out how I got it, since no one in my family, brother and sisters and no one in my Mothers or Fathers family had lung cancer. Duh, I SMOKED FOR 40 YEARS! Anyway there is life after pnuemonectony and chemo. Will have to take acid meds for the rest of time and some antibiotics and some pain from the removal of ribs and all the other stuff, but HEY, it's better than the altenative. I sent the surgeon wh
  4. Great News. keep up the good work. I am familiar with that word Cured. I was told there was a good chance i would be cured of my cancer. And 18 mionths later I am still feeling good. I have a catscan next week for my 18 month since surgery checkup and I fully expect it to be clear as the rest have been. God Bless, Doug
  5. Welcome Glenn, You will as I am sure already know, find support here. I have found out many things here at this site that were not discussed with me before my surgery. One thing I have learned is time heals most things as far as the recovery from surgery. I have probably lifelong numbness on my back and side and front were they took out 2 ribs and did the cutting. Even from the tubes iin my abdomen it is numb there also.Constant stomach pain. Nothing enough for medecine but just from the movement of the stomach up against my ribs. Lifelong prilosec medecine for acid. There is hope and there a
  6. Would like to know if there have been any problems with any of you that have had a lobectomy with airplane flights. I have heard that there might be a short of breath problem on airplane flights. Have not been on one since my operation. I also understand that nowadays with the terrorism thing you can't really tank a oxygen tank with you, if needed. Don't need one normally but you never know. Thanks, Doug Still doing good. Have more trouble with my stomach than with the loss of the lung. Some pain at night when I have to turn. Can't sleep on the same side to long. Have my 18 month post surg
  7. 13 months out from surgery my catscan still shows no signs of reoccurence of cancer. Yippee.
  8. Hi There, I was diagnosed 1 year ago with NSCLC and went thru the emotional ups and downs with all the tests. Bone scan, brain scan. pet scans, catscans. I have had 2 different kinds of chemo. Carbo and taxol and then gemabine with something< I believe. It killed the tumor and it shrank. It was rather a large tumor. 7.4 cm by 7.1 cm. I had a left pnuemonectomy on Aug 20th 2003 and just had my 9 month after surgery catscan last week and have been pronounced cancer free again. I have the checkups every three months for the first 2 years. I believe in the comprehensive cancer centers. You hav
  9. Hi There, Tell your husband to hang in there. I had my left lung taken out last august and they took two pieces of rib out so they could have more room to work. It still hurts like hell. It is still healing. It is a lot better now 6 months later. I can at least lay on that side for a while. it takes some people longer thanother to heal. I am still on 1/2 oxycodone twice a day. God Bless the caregivers. By His Stripes You Are Healed, I thank The Lord everyday I am still here. Doug
  10. Hi All, I had surgery on 3/1803 for a lobectomy, but 2 days later the surgeons said there where smal small nests of cancer cells on the end of the bronchial tube they cut and they thought they better go back in and take it all. So they did a complete left lung removal on 3/20/03. I have found info on this board about the stomach trouble most of us have and the shifting of the organs that happens. Now about my nerve pain. I am still on percoset 1/2 pill every 4 hours or so. When I try to stretch that out to 8 or more the pain that i get I believe is from the nerve damage from the operation. It
  11. DougS

    Hi all

    Hi There, Beautipicture of you and your wife. Wondering how you are recouping after surgery? Hope your chemo goes well. When I was on Taxol and Carboplatinum I did very well, hungry all the time, put on weight and some was muscle. Then lost 20 lbs with my pnuemonectomy and healing from surgery and the stomach problems. But doing pretty good now. Watch out for the flu, get flu shot and be careful of colds. Trust in the Lord. God Bless Both Of You Wishing and praying for your healing. DougS
  12. DougS

    3 Month checkup

    Had a 3 month checkup. Lung xray is clean and bloodwork is all normal. Am visiting children and grandchildren in Albuquerque, NM. Have to go back to Wisc. and the Mpls VA for a catscan ond blood on January 13, 2004. After that, which I expect to be NORMAL, me and mine will be going to Cancun or somewhere warm with warm water. Gob Bless You All. DougS
  13. Yep stomach problems come with the removal of the lung. Had my left lung removed almost 3 months ago now and no one told me before hand that there would be a organ shift and that probably there would be stomach problems. I since learned from this forum that many who have had their lung removed have the acid and gas problem I have been on Acphex 20mg once a day for 2 weeks now there has been a good change in my stomach. I also take simethicone 80mg after every meal and at bed time for the gas. It all helps. At least now I can have a cheeseburger once in a while. And a good chef salad also. Am s
  14. Hi There, tell your Mom there a lot of lung cancer survivors out there. And especially at stage 11 if it has not met. I had nsclc in my left lung. the tumor was 7cm by 4.5 cm which is rather large I am told. There was no spread and my lung was taken out 3 months apprx 3 months ago and as far I casn tell I doing fine. Healing good. If there are any questions I am sure the people on this board can and will do their best to answer them. God Bles, Dougs
  15. i want to thank all of you for your replies and your support. It is very hard for someone with this kind of disease and surgery when there is very little live support. All I was told by my doctors was the chemo would shrink it and then the surgery would cure me. Not told about the removal of the 2 pieces of ribs and not told about the numbness in the back and chest and the numbness in the lower left side and front due to the drain tubes in me. I am getting better month by month. It seems since I have been taking the stomach acid medecine, AcipHex, that the persocet is not working as good. ???
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