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  1. Devasated She passed away on Saturday 4th Feb x
  2. thank you all. Devastated to be telling you I held her hand as she passed away on Saturday 4th Feb x
  3. thank you. I will go there now. I think desperation has just taken hold
  4. wow i've only just seen some of these replies - its been a while since ive been on. thank you all so much im going to check out the link above now xx
  5. Not sure if this is in the right place. I've been onhere a few months ago and told you all of my friend with stage 4 lc. Well at the grand age of 36 treatment haas stopped. I just can't believe it!!! She is still outwardly well. So why can't there be more treatment? NSCLC has spread to numerous places and there are 'numerous small tumors' on the brain (again) a year ago she underwent WBR and surgery so now they say theres nothing more they can do. Just take steroids to stop the headaches. I hear of people having treatment until the end - so why can't she!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. So has no-one ever been completey cured after lung cancer has spread? I guess its to prolong eveything then I don't know what her first chemo was but the new was is Docetaxel. They sais should would lose her hair again - but it never really grew back anyway! Thank you for replying and good luck to you xxxxx
  7. I love the hope your story brings for so many. Congrats on being a 7 year survivor xxx
  8. Im new to the forum and have just read you story in floods of tears. Your story is so similar to my friends. Age 35 with 3 young children and the evil stage iv lung cancer with mets. Im so sorry you are going through this and I pray your treatment is successful xxx
  9. Thank you all for your lovely replies and advice. I'm afraid it wasn't good news this week. Her primary tumors haven't changed but the tumor in her liver has grown. Drs say this means Tarceva is not affective. SO it has stopped and next week chemo begins again for 4 cycles. Not the same chemo as last time but a much more aggresive chemo that will make her very ill. It seems we all got a little hope from the change of treatment and there was talk that the tumors may stop growing and possibly even shrink with this chemo. My question to all of you - is why the hell don't they do this in the first place? Does this mean there is hope of curing now or is it that its just going to try and buy more time? I didn't want to burst anybodys bubble by asking this awful question! And this week has seen another change - loss of motiviation and some 'sick' days. Thats not something shes had all year. ALways felt well until this week, although has needed afternoon naps for a little while they seem to be getting longer. Also a loss of appetite - but this could possibly be from the Tarceva drs said? Its all so scary. thanks again, its 'nice' (for want of a better word!) to have a place to come and ask these questions xxxx
  10. Hi all I wanted to share my story if thats OK. I do not have cancer but my very close friend does. It started last year with sever headaches and nothing else. After several months and numerous trips to the GP a scan was ordered. It showed a tumor. The following day an MRI was ordered which showed the devastating news that there were 2 inoperable tumors in her left lung. At thsi point, although shocked and gutted,we didn't realised that there would be no cure. Nobody said otheise. Brain surgery and radiation quickly followed, then 4 cycles of chemo. At the end of this (April 2011) a new scan showed a tumor in liver and a spot on the spine. Now we're given the news. Terminal Put on Tarceva and carry on August this yeat re-scan - not much change just slightly larger in one area This week re-scan. Results on Friday This is the short version. Obviously in between all this has been tremendous heartache and upset for my friend and her family. She has 3 children under 10. I am the brave one. I go round and make the tea, tidy up or just sit and chat. Then I go home and cry and cry and cry. Its just too awful. I worry all the time when 'it' will happen. Although at the moment she is very well and you just wouldn't know! thank you for reading
  11. Sincere sympathy to you x
  12. Hi all, My very close friend was dx with NSCLC at the end of last year. I hope its ok that I join this site to
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