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Dr. Weil's Daily Tip 10/27/04


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Dr. Weil's Daily Tip 10/27/04

Want Healthy Lungs?

Most people breathe about 20,000 times per day - more if they are exercising strenuously. Don't take your lungs for granted; instead, take good care of them by doing the following:

* Avoid irritants. Pollution, bacteria, viruses, molds, chemical and gas fumes...all can aggravate your lungs. Use a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter at home to filter out irritants, especially if you have pets.

* Eat antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables. Apples, oranges and tomatoes can nourish the lungs, and carotenes in carrots, yellow squash and dark leafy greens may help protect against lung cancer.

* Exercise. Regular fitness strengthens breathing muscles and improves the respiratory system. If you have lung problems, talk with your physician about a fitness program.

*Do breathing exercises. Try taking slow, deep, regular breaths, and extend each exhalation to squeeze out more air.

* Stop smoking. Avoid second-hand smoke, too. Both can lead to lung cancer.

*Clean out your lungs. Drinking pure water can help to rid your lungs of germs, irritants and toxins.

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Thanks Heather,

These are all very simple things to do but I need to be reminded of them. I printed this and will hang it on my frig so I won't forget again (chemo brain, you know).

I appreciate all your good ideas and advice you come up with - keep it coming.


Nancy B

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