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Anyone on Alimta?

Suzie Q

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Well, maybe it wasn't the Velcade after all...Mom's lung nodules are increasing in size after 2 more rounds of Velcade only, after having a 90% shrinkage with carbo/gemzar/velcade combo. So her onc said stop the velcade, and let's move on to Alimta.

The info given to her indicates it is taken with other platinum-based chemo, but I'm wondering if anyone is on it as a stand-alone agent, and how it has gone for you. She got her vit B12 shop today, and will start Alimta next week.

My dad just had surgery for malignant tumor in shi abdomen. they think it's a sarcoma, but aren't sure. We're waiting further pathology results.

Dad has had prostate ca and melanoma. Anyone have a link on info about patients getting multiple types of cancer within 10 years? Maybe a defective gene?


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I was administered Alitma only for two cycles. This treatment achieved a stable condition for about two months. I am now on Cisplaten and CPT11 and hoping for the best. I would certainly expect satifactory results for Alitma treatment. The great thing about it is: 30 minute IV time and very few side effects.


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Alimta was just recently approved for 2nd line NSCLC. With mesothelioma it is used in combination with cisplatin but for lung ca it is used alone (at least that's how it was used in the trial that got it approved). It's generally a pretty manageable drug in terms of side effects (take your vitamins!) and is effective.

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