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Looking for Maryland survivors to start support group.


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Looking for Maryland survivors to start support group. Specifically, Montgomery County.

I am appauled and disgusted that LC gets no special ribbon, funding, celebrity reps or support groups. How can this be? If LC is the leading cancer, surpassing breast and colon combined?

A girlfriend took me to her breast support group today to hear a speaker.

This groups knows there are no LC groups in my area so they said I could join anyway. Nice gesture, but my God, how can it be that there isnt any groups in this area?

If interested Email directly to:




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I mentioned to "JustAKid" recently that The Wellness Community is a great resource for support of you have one near you. Here is a link to their locations. They do have one in Delmarva (?) but I don't know how close that is to you. According to their map, they also have one in development in Maryland, but I can't tell exactly where that is located. Might be worth a phone call. I attend their Philadelphia location Lung Cancer support group once a month and find it to be a wonderful place.

I also see on their website that you can contact them about starting a facility in your area.

I applaud your desire to form a support group and wish you much success -- we certainly have the need for it!

http://www.thewellnesscommunity.org/wor ... ldwide.htm

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