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My name is Sheryl and my husband is a heart transplant patient. 5 years post transplant. Three years ago he was diagnosed with nsclc rt lung had lobectomy with no treatment to follow. One year later he was diagnosed same thing but the left lung w/metas to brain and spine. 6 months of taxol and carbo and 21 days of radiation to be given news he was cancer free. August this pain started in his rt leg and the cancer was back. Multiple areas, femurs, spine, shoulders. 3 months of Taxol/carbo and 10 radiation treatments to find out Tuesday that it is not responding and has spread to his liver.. I'm looking for support, info, anyone in a similar situation that can give me anything I would so much love to talk to all of you. This seems like a fantastic place to start.. My husband and i have been together since we were 19 and we are now 42 we have two boys ages 21 and 16. They are so full of questions and I wish I new all the answers. Just looking for some sunshine..... SHERYL in WA

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Hi Sheryl,

You have already been thru so much, I hope that your visits to this forum will help you with all your questions. I'm relatively new to cancer, so I wouldn't be so bold as to feel qualified to offer any advice, but I would love to offer you a warm welcome to this site and please know that if you need support and love, this is the place to be.

Please come back often and keep us posted on recovery.

Love and prayers,

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I just want to say welcome to our family. I can't answer your questions but I am sure others will. It sounds like you have already had a very tough go and I hope it gets better soon. Radiation is often given for bone mets, but I don't know your situation that well. I hope he can stay pain free.


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Hi Sheryl and welcome :)

So sorry you have to be here, but glad you found us just the same.

There are many wonderful members here who can share their experiences with you and offer advice and support.

Me, I can only do the support part, as I am not familiar with your husband's diagnosis/treatment.

Please keep us posted; we care.


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Welcome Sheryl

So sorry to hear about your husband's diagnosis. You are right - this is a great place to come for information and support - you will find out more than you ever wanted to know about lung cancer!

I am sorry to hear about the progression of your husband's cancer. If you read through the signatures underneath the member's names, you will find many who have responded to second- and third-line treatments. Keep fighting!!

All the best


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