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Difference between PCI and WBR


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PCI is WBR given before there is any evidence of a Brain met.

They are the same though, I am not positive if the dose will be different for PCI vs WBR

I read a total dosage of 30-36 Gy given in 2 Gy doses for PCI. I just read that typical dosage for WBR is 30 Gy in 10 fractions, so there may be a slight difference in PCI vs WBR. I guess with PCI there may be more fractions but total dosage is the same, probably to limit side effects - the total dosage is given in more fractions

PCI is usually recommended only for limited SCLC that has responded to treatment. I read that a few oncs even recommended it for extensive that has a complete response.

Also there are trials with NSCLC and PCI that are starting

oncdoc can correct this is anything is incorrect.

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