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when&How to be evaluated


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Guest canuckwebgrrl

In my step-dad's case he has blood test and x-ray every chemo. He will get his 6th and final chemo next week. They will do the first CT scan since his diagnosis to see how the liver mets are doing next week as well. I'm not sure when/if they'll do bone & brain scans again.

So to sum up, all the scans and tests he had during the week of diagnosis have not been repeated yet, except the chest x-ray.

Hope this helps!

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Every Dr is different as to when to repeat tests. I seem to have mine done every 2-3 months. Or if I am showing different symptoms.

As for the change in chemos. I had the same as your dad the first round of chemo. The cisplatin has many side effects including neuropathy, especially in the feet. My Dr changed from the cisp. to the carboplatin the 6th round I had. It does about the same thing but not as hard on the patient. I was in remission for 1 year after that combo. Good luck!

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My mom's onc gave her cat scans after the completion of the second chemo treatment. SHe also does some tumor marker tests with her blood work every treatment to see what's going on there. I think every doctor is different. Usually they can tell also from symptoms. With my mom she was so sick before she started and with every chemo you could see huge improvements in her health.

Good luck to you and I will keep your Dad in my prayers.

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