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Long Term / SSD benefits


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Bill & I have been very fortunate in that he was able to collect 100% of his full pay for the first six months since his diagnosis as he has been on short term disability since Memorial Day 2004. As of Dec 5, 2004 he will begin on long term disabilty thru his employer and will be collecting 66% of his full pay. We received a letter from the long term carrier today telling us what his monthly payment will be and it does not indicate if that amount is pre-tax or if there will be any tax deductions on that amount. Does anyone know how that works? Also, we have had several people tell us that he should apply for social security disability; but how can he collect SSD when he is receiving long term disability? A neighbor, who is a 4 year survivor of cancer, says that the SSD benefit will supplement the long term disability income. Anyone have any experience or information regarding these issues?

Thanks in advance for any help!

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As far as taxable or not, it depends on whether you paid your premiums with before tax income or after tax income.

This link gives more information. ... 0target=nw

Pls note: this link is a link to a specific ins company. You would need to contact the company who insures you to find out the length of time you are covered. Some polices run 1 or 2 years while others run until age 65.

But almost all polices require you to also apply for ssdi.

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This is how it went for me. I collected short term then long term, and finaly SSD. The long term insurance company advised me to apply for SSD. They would offer any help I needed. He is eligible for SSD 6 months after he starts dissablity. I went longer but had to pay the long term disablity ins. company any back pay I got from SSD. I did get back pay and had to pay the differeance.

You will also be eligible for benefits for your children.


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Hi Beth,

Not sure about the tax on paymants.

I have LT Disability from my previous employer. What they do is deduct what I receive from SSD from my LT Disability. As I type this to you, it sounds like I am being SCRE*** by the LTD company. I'L check on this. IT would seem, they would pay the 66% and SSD would pay the difference to get to the 100% amount. Does this make sense? Let me know if you find out anything different.

Thanks and God Bless,


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