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Really Swollen Feet


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My moms feet are really swollen. Its hot here in AZ, but they are bad. Really bad. :( Can anyone tell me a good remedy, she is on Lasix, and they are still swollen. Does it take time to get swollen feet relieved with Lasix? They had to cancel her chemo last week because of low platelets too. The radiation is bringing down the lump on her head, so that is some good news. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you guys as always for listening. Praying for us all everyday and night.

Rana :wink:

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Measure your mom's leg from the heel to the bend of the knee and measure the largest area around the calf. Most good pharmacies will have these. They are called ted hose or similar to that. Get the tight ones with a wide band at the knee so they do not cut off circulation. I have 2 pair and have to wear them occ. now. They are like putting on tight knee high hose. They are a miracle to the legs and feet.

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Hi Fresca,

I am also stage IV adenocarcinoma nsclc. I recently visted Tucson,

As. in April. My ankles were swollen I had trouble breathing. Before

my right lung was removed, I visted Tucson often and never had a

problem. My girlfriend, who is a diabetic her legs really swelled up.

I got really scared, because my ankles started swelling when the cancer

was first diagnosed. I called my oncologist and he said it was probably

the altitude. We had also gone to Sedona. I'm fine now. What does

her oncologist have to say about this. Keep your spirits up. Per haps

another type of treatment could be recommended to her, check with him.

God Bless you and your mom,


61yrs old dx 12/01 Adenocarcinoma nsclc, 1/02 removed right lung,

4/02 spread to lymph nodes received Taxol/Carboplatin treats 6

1 every three weeks B eginning in May 2002, ending 8/28/02. Been

in remission since, and glad of it

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