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I found this website on a google search.....


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Me being me was worried over my cough that is lingering a week (found out today chest xray was clear, but my mental state, well my parents say the verdict is still out ;) ).

Anyway, as I was googling away about various articles, all of a suddent I see "Lung Cancer Support Group" and it linked me to a posting of someone here. It was pretty neat :):):)

At first I was like wait a minute, who else is calling themselves LCSC, but it was no imposter, it was the real deal :)

So we come up on Goggle searches. Yay!

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One way people could help is by googling in to the site instead of putting it in their favorites. I always google in. The site is about the third one down when I type in "lung cancer forum."

But of course there are other search engines, so I guess I am not helping that much.


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Don you are the voice of reason. I just realized what an idiot I am and I am actually laughing at myself and the reason I am laughing at myself is b/c I too found LCSC from google way back. Duh :) As a matter of fact, I am sure that is how most people find this website. I guess I was just so excited to see this website which I feel apart of when I was searching coughs that I forgot how I came across this place m yself :roll:

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Rick--I figured you were doing that--but I never thought to thank you for it. Silly me. :oops: Thank you.

As usual, Elaine's point is well taken.

Elaine--I don't usually "Google in"--but I will from now on to up the counts that they record so it may show up "higher" on the "hits", or list they show as the result of a web query, when someone types in "lung cancer".

Thanks for helping me realize that there is an extremely simple thing I can do that may help others fing this wonderful site, and thus, help in the battle vs. LC.


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