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Letters from Robert


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A good friend and co-worker of Robert's at Boeing sent me an e-mail today. It seems that when Robert left Boeing to work at another company a few years ago, he gave her a notebook. She wrote that she felt compelled to look through the notebook today and found 2 letters from me. These letters were written to me almost 8 years ago when we moved from our first home to this one. She said they are quite moving. She is mailing them today. I almost jumped out of my skin. I can't wait to read them. She said there was a picture of Alex with the letters.

I must admit I've felt Robert around throughout the day. Like he is busy around me. Hard to explain.

I was in charge of a luncheon for 80-90 people today and I really wish he'd been around to gripe at about the problems. I wish he were there for Alex too.

Alex has seemed pretty reserved today. Trust me, that's not normal.

Maybe it's just the weather. it's rainy and cold. I just started a fire and he's all hyped up about watching something on the Animal Planet.

Bless him!

Can't wait to get the letters from Robert

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