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Off Topic... Any military affiliations here?


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I just wondered if anyone here was or had been affiliated with the military in any way, shape or form. My husband is in the Navy and we're stationed in Washington about 2000 miles from where my mom is. I'm just wondering how that aspect of things will figure into everything as we deal with mom's battle. It is hard to be so far away and to feel entangled in the Navy sometimes making it hard to get to Mom when I want to.

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My husband was in the military for years (Navy). I know when his Dad was critically sick they brought him home from out to sea. After we were married and were stationed in Charleston, SC, I slipped a disk in my back and they flew him home for my surgery, the Red Cross arranged it. I don't think I ever heard of them doing that for dependents . as flying a wife home, or bringing home a serviceman for an "in-law" being ill. Have you notified or talked to anyone on base? Do you have a wives club? Donna G

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Oh, I'm not looking at getting into specifics yet... Just wanted to find who might have 'been there done that' before. Just as it is a comfort to find others who understand the quirks and difficulties of LC, I like to find comfort in others who from past experience or present might understand the quirks and difficulties of the military.

From the little research I've done already, as a dependent I know my husband won't be able to get a compassionate reassignment or anything big and tricky like that... but I *think* in the case of an emergency they *might* let him come home from deployment after the red cross call. I'm not counting on it though. And we're not there yet by any means.

Just looking for other commonalities is all. :)

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