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What DID they scan?


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Right before the Spiral CT, I had to drink some vanilla flavored barium because the tech said I was getting a abdomen scan, too. Then I got the iodine IV.

After I was done, she came out and told me they needed the adrenals so they stuck me back in.

This seems weird to me. Doesn't it sound like I didn't get a whole abdomen CT--I am hoping I at least got the liver and adrenals.

Anyone know?

I thought the last time I had this done, I had to drink two liquids, one an hour or maybe less before the test....

I am also wondering why they came out and did the adrenals? Because they saw something?

Any help would be appreciated.

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It sounds like you probably had a CT of the chest which should go down through the liver and adrenal glands. Sometimes they don't go down quite low enough to see the adrenals completely which is why they probably stuck you back in to get lower cuts. Techs don't (shouldn't!) read the CT scans so it would be very unlikely that they repeated an area for an abnormality.

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