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strange question about chocking


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Last night while sucking on a lollipop (trying to breath and swallow) and trying to iron clothes all at the time I ended up inhaling when I should have swallowed or as my mother would say "things went down the wrong pipe". anyway after coughing and chocking for about 5 minutes I finally recovered but my remaining lung still feels funny today. It feel like I inhaled it into my lung... is that possible? My lung almost feels congested today and I'm sore from coughing. Has anyone else had this happen? I can take a deep breath alright, I'm no longer coughing it just feels "funny" congested somehow...

I know this is strange... but who knows I may not be the only person who who can't multi-task???

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You may have aspirated and if so it can cause some problems such as aspiration pneumonia. Call the doctor and see what they say, you may need to be checked. (I think I remember Ginny ending up in the hospital with this when she had some procedure done??? Hard to trust my mind these days.)



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This has happened to me on many occasions since I had my surgery and had nerve damage in my throat, fortunately it is always with liquids so it dissolves on its own without problem. I had discussed it with my doc who said that if you notice something in the days following it that I should give them a call, especially if it was something other than liquids.

On another note, when my son was 2 he inhaled a piece of a peanut shell and needed to have it removed from his lung because it was "rattling" around in his lung with the potential to cause pnemonia. (Don't ask about why he had the shell in the 1st place, he was one of those demon children that would crawl up on to counters and eat anything he could before he got caught :twisted: )

In any a case, I could definetly give the doc a call and see what they think. It could be nothing and but it never hurts to check.


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If there's pain involved, or even "discomfort", call the doctor to check it out. I choke on liquids and "nothing" quite a bit - the new normal after radiation. I haven't had an ongoing pain in a lung from it nor felt I inhaled THAT DEEP down the wrong pipe...

Peace of mind, have it checked. Better to be safe than sorry.

Take care,


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