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Hope it is True


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Hello Everyone,

I went last Wednesday for a bronchospy which came back normal then I went for the needle biopsy this past Wednesday and got results today. It was normal also. The pulmonary dr said lung cancer without seeing anything but the cat scan. But my family dr says both tests came back normal and that I have scar tissue. I am happy I don't have lung cancer and thank God for everything but something is not right with me. I really feel sick and they were not looking for lung cancer when I had the cat scan. It just showed up a nodule and an enlarged lymph node so I hope they are right that it is not lung cancer. Anyone with any experience with scar tissue on the lung, please let me know. Thanks and God Bless You.


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Hi Nancy,

Sometimes good news is harder for me to accept than bad news ... I am a worrier too. oh well.

This is definitely good news! You had two really good tests done and now you can breathe a sigh of relief.

I am thinking that the pulmonologist or family doctor is going to be thinking about monitoring whatever "it" is that is going on with your lung though. There are a lot of things that can show scar tissue on the lung...past pneumonia maybe?

Indescriminate lung nodules, I think is the word they use for lung UFO's.

I have scar tissue and lots of it from treatment for my lung cancer. But if you have just a little scar tissue that is "just there" then it won't be causing you any limitations I don't think.

Go on now and take care of that little boy, have a happy fiftieth birthday and a very Merry Christmas. Don't want to see the likes of you around here anymore! You know what I mean?

All the best for a joy-filled new year.

Cindi o'h

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I would still want a PET scan. I hope that cindy is right and that you have nothing to worry about,but sometimes they miss on the biopsy. A PET would let you know for sure and rule out anything anywhere else as well. Just my opinion and I am not a doctor. But I believe better safe than sorry.


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Good idea. One of my family members has an lung UFO and her doctor did order a PET after the CT. The lesion was too small to biopsy. The PET came back normal.

Considering our family history with lc, they are monitoring her closely even though she is "young".

Good suggestion, Nina.


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