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Chemo induced arthritis?


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I have been aching for about a month. Both hips, both shoulders, hand, elbow, knee. Pretty bad some days. I hate pain meds so I have just taken Advil. I of course was worried I had it spreading to my bones. My onco ran Rheumotoid factor which is elevated to 38 (norm 14). He says I have minor, chemo induced arthritis, may go away after tx. Anyone know about this and why would chemo trigger this? Never had this before.



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I don't know if mine is chemo induced and I've not had that rheumatoid test taken, but yes, I have some pretty significant aches and pains after treatment.

I also take tamoxifen (breast cancer drug) and that could be the problem too.

Biggest issue right now is what to take for it....I took vioxx till it got taken off the market, carried around a prescription for Bextra that I never got filled, can't take Celebrex because I'm allergic to sulfonamides, and now they are all under such scrutiny anyway, I'm thinking I'm better off without any of them.

Mostly the pain is in my ankles and feet...if I'm sitting for more than about twenty minutes, I get up and move like I'm about 100 years old till I get warmed up.

So far, it's helped a lot to be active....exercise, stretching, etc.


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like onco doc said, my arthritis improved with treatment. But after it ended...a long time after it ended, I had some major flares worse than before treatment started.

Sorry you are dealing with this too, Jen. Get on some good anti inflammatories and you might want to see a rheumy for a test called a CCP, I think it is...

It is an early predictive test to determine the nature of the course of the illness if you do have RA. It tells if you have crippling rheumatoid arthritis or not.

Aleve. Aspirin.

I take plaquenil, doxycycline, naproxen sodium, maybe start on sulfasalasine next month, and the steroids are definitely helping.

The rheumy is the doc that will know how to help you to feel better. You may have some other stuff going on too, so might as well get all checked out.

All the best, Jen.

Cindi o'h

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Hi Jen,

I also got many aches and pains after starting chemo and I still have them. My first bone scan showed the beginning of arthritis and my doc told me that the chemo probably escalated the progress of the arthritis causing the aches and pains. The chemo also sent me into menopause. This week the pain has been in my shoulder. I hate taking meds also so if it gets really bad I take motrin and try to just keep on truckin!

I hope you feel better soon!


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