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Thanks for your honesty!


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To all that were a little harsh towards me regarding my mom and her smoking Thank You. Everyone was right and I had no place to be angry as I was. I am disappointed but however why was I not disappointed before she had cancer? Everyone was right and I am now more understanding of the decisions she is making. I think I was more hurt with her lyine to me than anything. Thanks

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I just want you and your family to have the best Holiday Season possible together. I know these are difficult times. It is more important now than every to stick together.

I hope I did not seem harsh... I think it's great you care so much for your mom. I am sure you will be a great help to your mom through this and you need support too! Don't hesitate to come back because of our frank nature at times okay?? We WILL be here for you.

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I just want to try to help you with the "lying" part.

I may be off on this, but I was disappointed too when my Mom lied not only to me but also to all of my brothers and sisters regarding an addiction that she was involved in.

It took me a long time to realize that it wasn't really my mom that was lying to me, but rather it was the "addict" that was residing in her. An addict will do anything to protect their addiction...no matter who gets in the way or whose feelings are hurt. The only thing that matters at the time, it the survival of the addiction at all costs.

This is not easy for me to explain. Know that it wasn't your mom that lied to you but someone who feels complete shame, guilt, helplessness and hopelessness.

Love her. Ignore her behavior. Forgive her and forgive yourself.

Cindi o'h

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