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  1. I would like to second Ry's post. Those last wishes go double for you Ry.
  2. I thought there was something wrong with my shoulder, like a torn tendon. It was the CT that diagnosed the lung cancer.
  3. I'm here! I've been in PT since March to build muscle and have a CT this Friday. Otherwise... status quo
  4. I thought lung cancer was already responsible for more deaths than breast cancer in women? Interesting about the herbs. I hope they lead to some quick meds.
  5. There are many different studies going many different ways. Some studies of late have shown that antioxidants do not necessarily protect cancer from chemo as many oncologists believe. My oncologist is fine with the diet and excercise part of the alternative/complementary path, but will not allow supplements while on chemo.
  6. Lisa O


    Ry, My heart breaks for you. I know this is a tremendous loss for you and your family. You will all be in my prayers. Lisa
  7. There are a few posts on this in the alternative med forum. I think there may be some validity in the nutrition aspect of the diet. Some believe the restrictions are a bit harsh.
  8. I agree, this is very exciting. Be careful to check with your doc before taking the supplements that are out there though, because they interact with some meds and can cause bleeding or gi problems in the wrong combinations.
  9. Welcome Colleen! I hope you and NED have a long and happy time together.
  10. Linzy, I understand the fear. Even considering cancer is scary. Also remember, that even if it is inoperable lung cancer, many of us continue to do very well and stay stable for many years with all of the new treatments they are discovering. Keep positive and keep us posted.
  11. awesome! thanks for the heads up!
  12. From another melanoma and LC SURVIVOR, I am praying and betting you will battle this one off. I wish you the best.
  13. Lisa O

    Roll Call...

    Ry, This was a great idea. I have been looking for updates and am never sure where to look. I am thrilled to hear Hebbie's news and everyone is always in my thoughts.
  14. I have taken pieces of certain plans and diets throughout my diagnosis. I do not follow any plan to the extreme but I do eat cottage cheese and flax seed oil on the idea that it can only help. As for anything that may compromise treatment.... I leave that part out.
  15. I would guess that smoking marijuana as dealer's sell it to the general public poses more of a risk due to chemicals and impurities ingested through the lungs.
  16. Great advice Rich. My doc did not want me to take much more than a multivitamin with Iressa.
  17. That is a great article. Too many excercise enthusiasts are all or nothing. I really liked this article.
  18. Lisa O

    Please Think

    Bill, I am a caregiver and a survivor as both my mother and I have nsclc. I understand what you are saying and feel terrible that anyone here would feel the need to treat you with disrespect. I thought your post was framed respectfully and most of the responses were also respectful. We all need to treat eachother with respect... we are not the enemy... cancer is. If you have a request, people should allow you to vent it. If they disregard it, you can choose to ignore the posts. I did not feel you slammed anyone and I would hope that no one here would be mean to anyone else. In one way or another we are all in this together. Please try to remember that we are people and not statistics. If someone posts some disheartening news they may be looking for reassurance. I am sure and would hope that no one would post sad news for the purpose of bringing others down. If us survivors are not up for the job, perhaps someone else can step up to the plate. I hope so. That is what makes this community great.
  19. I love Curry for taste... but I have heard of people having some interactions with the supplements in large quantities. It is always good to talk to physicians about medical interactions if taking supplements.
  20. She was such an inspiration. Her legacy will go on and on. I am heartbroken for her family. What a loss.
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