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Hey, ya'll, we're doing OK. Faith hasn't driven her car yet, a little apprehensive, but her 8 year old cousin Kate drove it with Faith as a passenger on Sunday and I know we took some photos but I can't find them at the moment on our hard drive, Dave may not have downloaded them from the camera yet.

He had his second treatment of this last round of treatment Monday. He is really beaten up by this. I think it's amazing he's made it through the whole six months of torture.

I'm staying at home and trying to rest but as in this morning, got up, took care of Faith and then drove her the 20 miles to daycare. sure wish we lived back in town already! took dave in for an echocardiogram this afternoon, the hospital is right around the corner from daycare - if we can find a house in that immediate area life will be so so simple!

I had a ct scan of my sinuses yesterday, need to call the doc tomorrow, I have a strong feeling I will need some sinus surgery. I had, I am sure, am abcess in my sinus cavity last week. the pain was almost unbearable. I took three advil and three tylenol every three hours, around the clock, for days. the doc finally called me in a new antibiotic, avelox I think, and it did kill the infection, but that side of my face still feels weird.

so we are a rather pitiful bunch and trying not to get on each other's nerves too much.

hope the house sells fast. no one has made an appt. to see it but we've had a few strange cars pull into our driveway then back up and leave which is kind of amusing. our house is not exactly on the beaten path.

well, hanging in there, will post a photo of Faith soon in her new wheels.


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