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Blonde Police Officer.....

Fay A.

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So this blond women is pulled over by a female police officer. Once she removes her helmet, we see that she is blond, too.

She walks up to the blond driver and asks, "Can I see some ID, please?"

The driver rummages around in her purse for a moment, then she pulls out an open compact. "Here, this looks like me." She hands the police woman the mirror.

The Officer looks at it for a second, then exclaims, "Well, if I had known you were a police officer, I wouldn't have pulled you over in the first place!"

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That reminded me of this one -- I love it, being a native Texan!

A guy from Tennessee is driving through Texas, going way too fast, when he's pulled over by a Texas Highway Patrol Officer. The Officer takes his time walking to the driver's side of the car, the driver rolls down the window and looks up into the officer's sunglasses.

The officer says, "Got any ID?"

The driver replies, "'bout whut?"


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