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Megace - how fast does it work?


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Jim started on a low dose of Megace yesterday as an appetite stimulant. How long might it be before it starts to work or I ask for a larger dose? Does it work for most people?

We are still doing that chemo thing but he is spending a lot of time in bed since Thanksgiving and what appetite he had is long gone. (I am getting those Food Nazi looks I read about, ha) He is mostly comfortable, though.

Thanks everyone, wishing a marvelous new year for all of us.


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Katie and Frank - two of my heros!! Yesterday Jim had chemo, including decadron. It was also day 3 of the Megace. For one reason or for both, he wanted his supper. Rib-eye steak, baked potato, and a pumpkin bar. I was so happy.

Happy New Year, let us relish every single day of it, in every way possible.


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Hello Margaret.

My Tim was put on Megace after his chemo caused him to get really really thin. I remember he had four pills at once in the a.m. at that point.

And boy did he start eating. He gained about 20 pounds and looked so much better. The second time he was put on it he had one pill twice a day and that helped him too. It's really exciting when they start to eat again, isn't it. I think a side effect for him though was that he held fluid in his lower legs and feet. It was no big deal for him.

Wishing you the best and a very good new year.


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