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How do you know when it's time for Hospice?

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I am not saying it is time for Hospice for us yet - I am certainly not trying to rush things here but was wondering - do you wait until the doctors say Hospice and then decide if you agree? I know the limited time expection but are there other factors that let you know when it is time? Thanks, Margaret

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Our doctor never did suggest hospice and almost seemed to avoid the topic completely. It was a decision we made on our own knowing that the outcome was probably not going to be favorable.

Hospice is something you can go off of if conditions change and there are improvements....or if a different treatment comes along that you want to try. It's really more flexible than it used to be.

I would strongly suggest contacting a few different hospice groups and finding out what they offer...there are vast differences between services. It's not a decision you want to make at the last minute......

It was truly an incredible blessing to us....I'll never forget the love and care they gave my Mom and continue they to give my family.

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