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Need Volunteers for two events in Sacramento, CA


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Hi Everyone,

As I've mentioned on this website before, I joined the Gail P. Ramos Lung Cancer Foundation. They have named me their Sacramento Regional Event Manager. Now that I'm the Event Manager I'm soliciting volunteers for two events...

August 20th, 2005 is the "Step For Survival" which is a 5K/10k walk/run

September 30th, 2005 is our "Chipping Away at Lung Cancer" Golf Tournament. which will also feature a silent auction.

Our goal is to raise $250,000 to go directly towards lung cancer research. We are working with UCLA to offer multiple grants to fund the research needed to find a cure to this disease.

I will need volunteers to assist us in various areas such as:

1. work day of the tournament and/or walk such as register people and give t-shirts.

2. help us gather sponsers for events

3. help us find items to auction at our silent auction

4. volunteer leader

5. help with Public Service Announcements or advertising

6. speaker/speakers the day of either event to give their experiences of their battle.

Whatever amount of your time you'd like to offer whether it be the day of the event or you'd like to get more involved is very much appreciated. We will never make you do more than you would like to. Come join a group of people that have been affected by this disease, want to do something because of it and want to have fun doing it.

If you would like to inquire for more information please email me at natalie@ramosfoundation.org

Thank you!

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Hi Karen! It's great to hear from you. My Dad and I are doing okay, thank you for asking! My Dad is working, so I'm happy about that and glad that there are days I actually hear him laugh. A lot of the times though I can tell he feels so lost and doesn't know what to do with himself. I'm glad that he lives very close to me.

My husband has a family member that was diagnosed with advanced Pancreatic Cancer at 42 and my mother in law was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. I guess now I'm just waiting for my turn. I feel like I live a whole new world and different mind set. I just hate cancer! I never realized what an enemy cancer is. I don't think I ever will be that person that I was before my mom was diagnosed, but I'm trying to embrace the new me so I don't end up this miserable, unhappy person. I think as a result I have become more compassionate, empathetic and have a that realization that I don't need to sweat the small stuff.

Being a part of the Ramos foundation has been somewhat therapeutic for me. They actually are naming a scholarship after my mom. It means so much to me!

How are you doing? I haven't been able to check the boards as often as before. Work has been very busy and I don't have the opportunity to access the web too much at home. I check in about twice a week to keep up to date on everyone. Can I open the bar? I'm having a beer!

I think of you often and glad to get an email that you posted to me! :D God Bless.

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