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Pelvic / Hip Bone Pain


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A couple of questions for those of you that have mets to the pelvic / hip bone area. With treatment ( such as chemo and Zometa ) did the PAIN lessen or disappear ? Also, did any of you receive radiation to the pelvic area as part of your treatment for PAIN relief ? If so, did it help ? My wife's hip PAIN is persisting. She's been receving chemo and Zometa since June ' 04. She hasn't had her pelvic area radiated. The PAIN isn't getting any worse but it's not getting any better, either. Also, her situation is complicated by the fact that she not only has cancer and significant damage in her pelvic area but she also had major lower spine surgery which may or may not be contributing PAIN in that area.

TIA for any input on this issue.

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When I first started treatment my Onc and the nurses said the chemo should help the hip and other met pain, I have made the assumption all along that the reason my pain went away was due to Zometa, as I have heard others comment to this. Maybe it was the chemo, I can only say for sure that the pain went away, blessedly. When I had comparative X rays of the bone mets the report talked how the focally directed radiation did the trick. I had no radiation, they assumed as well. As with all else in this, there often is no rhyme, reason or logic as to why. Do X rays show a worsening of the bone?

Good luck


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Thanks to all for the replies. To add to my wife's frustration, she has no other identifiable symptoms head to toe. As she constantly states to me ' if it wasn't for this back / hip pain I'd feel great '. This one symptom is really dragging her down.

Radiology reports on her updated brain and spine MRIs that she had performed this week were just released this morning ( Saturday ). Net positive results except, as expected, for " diffuse bony metastatic involvement in the lower lumbar spine, sacrum and pelvis ". Pretty much confirms why she is continuing to experience so much hip pain.

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