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From fatigue to mowing grass???


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Three days ago I was so worried cause Dad was totally wiped out and sleeping constantly..Yesterday and today he actually sat on a riding mower and mowed some grass for about 30 min. The tire went flat on his car (Mom had just gotten it fixed in the morning!) and he insisted he sit in a chair and change it. We helped a little, but he did the major stuff except the pulling and pushing. He said he was sick of being sick and was going to do some honest work for a change. Tonight he went to my daughter's last softball game for the season. I wish you all could have seen how great he looked. He was laughing and enjoyed a little chocolate shake!! Tonight he told me the last couple of days were like old times when he was worth something. It broke my heart to realize how he sees himself with this darn infliction. I told him he is worth more than the Hope diamond to all of us!!! This is a roller coaster ride, but it sure makes you appreciate the good days when they come..never give up hope...miracles and prayers are a great combination.

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