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What will happen?


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Hi All,

Don't know if anyone can answer this but I'll ask anyway. My gram had a bronchoscopy yesterday. They got several biopsies and hopefully can "diagnose " her cancer now. She has a 7cm tumor with node involvement and spread to the adrenal gland. While doing the bronch they also found one of her vocal cords involved with a large growth. After the bronch her oxygen blood level was checked and only at about 1/2. She refuses any and all treatment including being sent home with oxygen. She has been a smoker for 60 yrs and isn't gonna quit. My question finally is what will happen with the oxygen deprivation? Also what will happen with the vocal cord growth. She will not have any treatment and I have to respect her wishes. Any input is greatly appreciated.

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Gram's get set in their ways. I don't know if there's to much you can do. Ask the Dr.s to try and talk to her. I don't know her age or general

health, but it sounds like they could help her. I will pray for for stubbornness (which could be fear in disguise) to go away. Maybe if she

just listens she will accept after the cancer word sinks in. Sorry I can't

offer you more help. Take care!

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