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question about tremors


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My mom started to get more frequent tremors and i am confused as to why this is happening. She had Gamma knife surgery a few months ago and she is on a steroid and an anti-seisure med too (dylantin?). My dad just had the doc test her dylantin levels and she said they were fine.

Would there be a reason why she is starting to get tremors and more often? is there something we should look for? could her tumors be growing already? is this normal?


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Hi Randi,

My husband's tremors began shortly after his first surgery to remove a brain tumor. The neurologist said it was most likely from the surgery itself, but it has continued to worsen; first after his gamma knife surgery and recently since his WBR is has gotten so bad that there are times when he is completely unable to hold a drink or a pen. It has been one of the most difficult things for Bill to accept thru this ordeal. Our neurologist has given us no hope that this "side effect" will diminish, but rather expects it is permanent damage. I hope that your mother's shaking is minimal and manageable.

Love and prayers,

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