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My husband has ext. stage sclc, dx in June 02, He seems to be making a stay at the hospital every month, I had to admit his yesterday again, the chemo he is on Cytoxan, vincristine and adria seem to be causing a problem every time, He has had problem with his blood counts, and platlets he can deal with this, but now it is his legs, they are very swallon, and he can hardly walk, he is getting a wheel chair because he is having so much trouble, his blood pressure is up, and it seems that the Adria part of the chemo can cause a problem with the heart, so i dont know it getting the chemo is killing him, and not getting the chemo will kill him, i am so stressed out at this point. They are going to do a echo and an mri on the spine to rule out a tumor there, they have him or steroids, blood thinner, he has infection his white cells are real high, they think they will may a major drop in about a day. He is very depressed because he cant do anything anymore.

Has anyone has this problem or know anyone having this problem, i dont know what to think anymore, I am not even sure i want to know what is going on, because i am afraid he will have heart failure, he is also having problem with breathing again. This is just very scary for me and i dont know what to think :?

Thanks for listening


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Of course you are afraid. The chemo is making his body go haywire and it will take alot of round the clock care to get him stable. That's what happened with my dad. He was so terrible after his chemo in December that he spent a week in the hospital (and this was after 3 transfusions because his blood levels went totally nuts and his body was shutting down.) I really didn't think he would make it home. BUT HE DID. and your husband can too!! Take a breath, Get some help, and stay on top of his symptoms. If you feel the slightest bit uneasy with the way he is feeling, or feel like he is getting worse take him to the doctor (or ER) right away.! I truely believe that if we had taken dad to the ER earlier, he wouldn't have gotten so bad. I wish I could tell you something definite or that I had some medical insight as to why this happened or why your husband is reacting this way. Just know that we are here if you need us and we are really praying for him, you, and your families.

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Katie B has good hope and advice to offer you. I do not have concrete experience with the situations you are encduring, but I am sending prayers and tender regards your way for you, your husband and any family members. Hang on.

Keeping the Faith,


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