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Sleeping Discomfort


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I had surgery back in May to remove my lower left lobe. I am still having a lot of pain when I sleep.

Aside from sleeping in the recliner, which is hard, I can't sleep comfortably. Any suggestions on HOW to sleep. I have tried sleeping sitting up with numerous pillows, in the recliner, laying flat on my "good" side. I'm starting to consider a hospital/adjustable bed, with all my stays in the hospital I know those beds are easier to sleep in.

Any advise on how to sleep comfortably or how long this pain will continue? Can't take sleeping pills all the time, I use them on the weekend if I need them.

Thanks for the advise!

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My mother bought me a wedge at a hospital supply store. It's foam and helps elevate the top half of the body. Once I got past the three weeks of sleeping in the recliner, I moved up to the wedge and five pillows... :roll:

Set up was like this:

Wedge with pillows along the side and at the top to pry me sideways at "just the right angle". Pillows along my bottom half to keep me pried sideways at "just the right angle" and then a teddy bear to clasp to my chest...and I would STILL wake up in a panic at night because I felt like I was gurgling... But not every night...and it did get better and better...and when the healing went deeper, I went through a lot of it all over again... My left shoulder was a sore point for almost a year - didn't know if I was sleeping on it, twisting it or what, but Motrin helped...

I think the wedge was under $20...and I now use it when I want to watch TV in bed, placing it against the headboard and sitting upright...

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Hi..yea, sleepin is a b...ch after the surgery. I could sleep nowhere but in the recliner chair since July. I just now moved into the bed couple wks ago....foam wedge seemed to irritate my chest pain, so just witn to normal bed....stayed flat on my back for fear of rolling over on those ribs...ack...but finally can sleep briefly on either side, if Im careful. Seems like I always wake up when I need to toss and turn, so I consider the move carefully before I do it..heheh Dunno, took 7 months of healing to get into the bed again....maybe u might need more time..? Itll happen eventually. Good luck....Rich B.

BTW, It seemed like all those xrays I had recently made the good lung and rib cage inflammed and sensitive for awhile. Probly chemo might do same thing...? Dunno...something to consider. If ur doing any of that...?

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