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Goat Story

Amy P

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One last animal story - this one is true don't know why but it made me laugh

Goat Invades Man's Home, Won't Leave

Dog Jealous When Goat Gets Petted

POSTED: 4:22 pm CST January 28, 2005

VENETA, Ore. -- An Oregon man says a goat has horned in on his home.

Randy Cox came home from work to find a goat in an out building he uses for a recreation room. The goat was just hanging out with the family dog, Dandy.

Cox said the dog and the goat seemed to hit it off well, until he started petting the goat. Dandy, apparently jealous, started barking.

Cox said he called animal control, the sheriff's department and an emergency number for loose livestock, but no one will get his goat.

That has left Cox with a goat following him around and chewing on his jacket.

Cox said the goat's friendly, "as long as you don't turn your back on him."

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You have to really appreciate Veneta, Or, to get the full flavor of the story. Cities surrounding Veneta (which is west of Eugene) include Elmira and the undoubtedly scenic Burp Hollow. If you keep heading west toward the coast, Deadwood nears.

I love the West's place names. So much more interesting than the East.

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