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Help Fight Big Business Using Wrist Bands


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When leaving Office Depot recently, I was given a glossy flyer of their "promotional products." I was appalled to see them advertising the wrist bands, the "hottest new trend," available in any color to be custom printed with whatever you want. They recommended them for things like your company logo, events...! I sent an angry protest letter to the CEO and also contacted the Lance Armstrong Foundation. Unfortunately, the LAF's hands are tied because the only thing they can protect is their trademarked LiveStrong.

I am sickened that a major company would take advantage of the popularity of something that has been symbolic of an outpouring of public support for cancer patients to be used for their own gain. Don't they realize that if the bands become merely another advertising gimmick, they will quickly loose their popularity and a huge source of funding and public awareness will be lost? Are the lives of thousands of people worth a few more dollars on their bottom line? Their response to me was basically "thanks for writing - we will use it for future reference" - i.e. thanks, but no thanks.

Please join me in sending e-mails and protests to Office Depot and any other for-profit corporation taking advantage of the sentiments which have propelled the bands to such heights. If we can generate enough public outrage, perhaps we can preserve the meaning and usefulness of the bands a while longer.

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I wonder....

Betting we can't beat 'em, but wondering if a non-profit organization, such as this site, could cut a good deal with them.... Not to end what they're doing, cuz they're making money at it and won't stop, but to get in on the action and purchase and sell them here for $$ for the site... Hmmmm...

Just a thought. It's early in the day and I've already had my one thought, now I don't have to worry about having another one until tomorrow! Wa-hoo!

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Yeah, alot of places/organizations/companies are hijacking the wristband idea and selling them. I've noticed that 7-11 (at least around here) are selling olive green wristbands that say "Support our Troops" with the proceeds going to the USO. My Aunt sent Faith a pink wristband for Christmas printed with her name "Faith" but she got it at some religious gift shop, said they were selling them with other inspirational words on them . . . etc. I used to order custom printed promotional items for big parties the big law firm I worked at threw - party favors - and I'd bet those promotional companies are doing just what Office Depot is doing.

In other words, I agree, but it might be more out of hand than just Office Depot.

Just my $.02 worth.


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While I wish that the wrist bands had remained solely identified with cancer, I really don't have major issues with other NON-PROFITS using them. For the bands to be symbolic of one's concern for a specific cause seems to be a whole lot different than for them to be used for a commercial enterprise solely to generate a profit. That totally trivializes and devalues the bands and I'm sure will bring a much expedited end to their use as a symbol of support for the various causes benefitting from them.

I still believe that if enough negative publicity is focused on their actions, we can effect change. It's just getting more people to care enough to take a few minutes to let these enterprises know that their greed is not passing unnoticed. I am telling everyone I see with the bands about it and asking them to contact Office Depot. I really do appreciate the time you are taking to be involved on this one, as I know how valuable your time is.

p.s. Cary - I just sent a hot e-mail to the froogle site. Just a few comments like "what's next? Crosses with the Nike slogan "Just Do It, menorahs with a Heineken label, or maybe millions of bands for Marlboro?" I may not be able to stop them, but I sure plan on letting them know that they are deeply offending a lot of people.

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