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cindi o'h

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Woke up with my head all soaking wet. It isn't that warm in here for that to happen.

Then I get this idea to ask all of you about this, because I have always wondered.

Does anyone know what the deal is with night sweats?

Does it mean there is an infection going on somewhere? If so, would it be bacterial or viral or either or neither?

Physiologically, I don't understand this phenomenon.

I have been sick with the flu now for three plus weeks and I have had laryngitis now the past three days or so. I am not as sick as I was in the beginning, but I can't shake this cough or the fatigue and malaise that has come with it.

I have had night sweats before, of course, but never had a doc explain them to me or what they mean. I have noticed that usually, but not always, I will have a chronic illness of some kind ready to come on or on the way out. Could be my imagination though.

Anyone else have this happen?

p.s. (I am a hypochondriac, I just know it)


Cindi o'h

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Trying to be delicate here...but you're female....and are you of that "certain age"? :roll: My #1 menopausal symptom was night sweats. Can just about count on one hand the number of hot flashes/power surges I had during the daytime...but nights? Forget it.

Now...it's been 12 years - count 'em, 12 - since I had the major part of the equipment removed....and guess what? I still get night sweats. They sort of intensified a bit during chemo....but not hugely so.

I guess I'd have to say, overall, they aren't as bad as they used to be...but after 12 years, I deserve that break, I think! :?

Some spicy foods, some meds and even alcohol can cause them. You been spending too much time in that pub lately??? :wink:

Here's a good article on the subject - http://www.diagnose-me.com/cond/C521732.html But if having these sweats seems really unusual or out of the blue for you...couldn't hurt to check with the doc...eh? I did note in the article that some cancers can be a generalized cause....but it didn't specify l.c.

Hope this helps a bit. You know, it just struck me that my sweats may have improved when my hair took a hike!! :shock:

I don't care...I still want my hair back. :roll:

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Well I am fighting a cold... have been for 2 weeks, and I have woken up twice during this time with my neck soaking wet... I feel it is the body fighting off infection... since you said you had the flu and still are not feeling up to par, it is probably the same thing, although I would mention it to your Doc.

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Could it be that you are running a low grade fever that "breaks" during the night? I also agree w/Addie that it may be the "female" thing. I went into early menopause when I started chemo and it was a regular nightly thing to wake up soaking wet.

Hope you feel better soon.


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thanks much, guys.

I checked out the links and they both were very iformative. Thanks, Joe & Addie.

Cindi o'h

I guess there is a possibility of pointing toward a malignancy, but I am still in denial over that. I just had a good check up by the onc. from tippy top to tippy toes.

But. I will be watchful and see and hope this will disappear as this bug wanes out.

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