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2nd opinion questions - need answer by 9am today if possible

Guest sunflower

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Guest sunflower

Thanks for all of the helpful info about my mom and her stage 4 NSCLC (squamous) 3-6 month life span prognosis. She is seeing her doctor and wants to tell him that she wants to get a second opinion. What information should she get at the doctors office today from her file that she can share with another oncologist for another opinion?

She is leaving at 9am today, so if anyone is up early it would be helpful. Would the doctors office copy the file for her with all tlhe test results? Do they give you a hassle?

Thanks so much.


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Hi Patti

I am sorry that I cannot really answer your questions. I would think that they would not have a problem with copying the reports for you, and as far as I know, the scans themselves are actually your Mom's property, so I would think she can have them (I think??!!).

I wish you all the best in getting this sorted out, and I hope they are able to come up with a good treatment plan for your Mom.


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hi sunflower.

The new onc. demanded the path slides...he relys on his own pathologist for a read. Also wanted the path report. The films..ct, pet, bone scan, xrays. mri.

Also wanted hx of the drugs I was administered chemo.

The more information that you can provide will help your mom.

It is common for onc. offices to do these types of things for their patients, do not think a thing of it.

Cindi o'h

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My dad was diagnosed with stage 4 small cell lung cancer, with it METS to the adrenal glands and the lymph nodes...

Well that will be 2 years in august and guess who is still fighting and literally kicking.

My dad is beyond stubborn and has cancer in alot of places and is still here...

He has never let anyone tell him what he didnt want to hear..

SO keep your head up. There are some people that make it alot longer than they diagnose...


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