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Tarceva and Frustrated Beyond Belief...

Fay A.

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I don't often actively wish to be a wealthy person (the ones I know are not all that happy), but at this moment I really do wish it were so....

I know someone who may need help to cover the cost for the first month of Tarceva (between $2500 and $3000 for a 30 day supply), so as not to have treatment delayed while their insurance company decides if they're going to cover the cost of Tarceva. Im trying to find xome help for these folks if Tarceva is ordered by this person's doctor. I am open to suggestions....There just has to be something available.

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Just brainstorming off the top of my head---Does the oncologist office know of the problem? Maybe they can make a loan of the medicine? Or how about contacting the Tarceva company about a payment plan option? Or possibly asking for samples from Tarceva company? Or taking out a loan from the bank? Or if this person has a generous employer, maybe getting a loan from them?

It is terrible and heart breaking that people have to worry about paying for their medication.

Whenever I hear people say "money isn't everything", I recently started to correct them and say "well that is not always true b/c sometimes cancer drugs cost so much, without the wealth, their is no health". And I wonder why I am starting to get nicknames such as "barrell of joy" and "sunshine" :)

Anyway, if I think of any more ideas I will post.

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Our oncologist's office has a person that deals with the insurance companys and handling refusals, appeals etc. Have them let the onc's office know what's going on, sometimes they have better luck speeding things up.

My only other idea is to contact the American Cancer Society to see what they can offer.

Good luck

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